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What is a VIN Number Check? Affirm your car’s authenticity

A VIN Number is also abbreviated as Vehicle Identification Number. Every car manufactured in this world has a VIN which is a unique identification number specific to that vehicle only, other than a registration number. It is a 17-digit unique number engraved in the chassis of every car. If you want to find VIN number from registration plate online, you can only do so for the last 5 digits (due to legal reasons), if you would like to know the whole VIN number, then you would have to request information from the DVLA with an appropriate reason.

This unique number is an important factor to check before buying a car because this code cannot be changed like other numbers in the car. Once it is engraved it will remain forever in the vehicle.

Alongside checking the vehicle registration plate at CarDotCheck, each used vehicle check we offer incorporates a VIN check too. This examines whether there are any issues with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and appears if there are any issues recorded against it and the vehicle.

Any issues that our VIN check brings up can be a flag that the vehicle has been stolen, cloned or experienced major issues that are being veiled. Along these lines, you ought to abstain from buying the used vehicle, van or motorbike.

How to use VIN Number Check properly?

The vehicle chassis number or VIN is checked against the one on the V5C record and logbook that accompanies the vehicle, to guarantee that everything is authentic and all together. If they don’t coordinate, at that point, all things considered, the vehicle has encountered some difficult issues before or is a stolen vehicle and you won’t most likely locate its precise vehicle history.

Our VIN check is generated by information from trusted sources, insurance agencies, police records and manufacturers, to help convey solid outcomes. It implies that everything the VIN check at CarDotCheck brings can be trusted and utilized to empower your decision towards an educated choice when purchasing a used vehicle.

How does a VIN Number look like?

It is 17- digit number in which the first part of the number identifies the country where it is manufactured and who manufactured the vehicle. The second part of the number is the vehicle description, with the remaining part of the Vehicle Identification Number. VIN check reveals the information such as:

  • It’s country of origin

  • Its engine code

  • The chassis number

  • The car manufacturer

  • The model year

  • Vehicle Type

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Places you can Check VIN Number on the Vehicle

There are four locations where you can typically find your car’s VIN

  • Check the driver’s side dashboard. The first location you should look to find your VIN is on the top of your dashboard on the driver’s side.

  • Check on the driver’s door frame or pillar.

  • Check the VIN under the hood.

  • Check on the rear frame.

An Affordable VIN Number Check that helps you buy used cars

Our VIN number check enables you to find a precise history of any vehicle you are after. This incorporates marking a vehicle in the case of a written off by an associate inspection, to enable you to abstain from purchasing a dangerous trade-in vehicle.

Many agencies claim to provide data at an affordable cost, but they hide behind their brand names and rip you off in secret because people only tend to choose what is familiar to them and hence only go for names that they have heard before.

Benefits of performing a VIN Number Check before buying a used vehicle

CarDotCheck offers you VIN Number Check that allows you to judge whether the used car you want is worthy or not, basically giving you confirmation on the authenticity of the vehicle. If the VIN data shows information with irregularities, then it is possible that

there is something faulty about the vehicle. Car Manufacturers and Vehicle Registration Agencies store the vehicle information in their database and provide us with accurate data about the VIN. Chassis Number Check is the most important check as well as a check that ensures you that the vehicle is not stolen or not into any suspected crime. We always recommend you to check this to verify the most important information.

What to do if the Car’s VIN is different from its V5C Logbook?

As a result, everyone should perform a free vehicle check history before buying a used car. All the VINs in the vehicle should match the VINs in the V5C logbook. If that doesn’t match, it is better to refuse from buying that vehicle. These cars are made illegally which is also known as cloning. All the documents of that would be a forged one. The vehicle might be made from two different car parts. At that time it is better to walk away.

Is the Engine Number, VIN Number, and Chassis number the same?

The vehicle’s VIN and chassis number are called as same sometimes. VIN is engraved in the chassis so it is fixed in every model of the car. Performing a VIN check can help you figure out if your car is authentic or not, if you want to find VIN number from registration number online, then you could get access to the last 5 digits as per law.

Carrying out a VIN check can help you fix the used car you want, since it directly authenticates the vehicle. Getting a used car check prior to buying keeps you well informed and it is this information that speaks volumes for your negotiation or valuation that you could use for a used car deal.

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