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We aim to be the best provider of used car reports at highly competitive prices, providing top-notch car information check for the public that deserves reports at an affordable cost, we also provide free car checks.

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    Our reports are made with well-researched information and combined into detailed reports gathered from trusted sources, such as PNC, private dealers etc.

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    Almost 300,000 car checks are carried out each month and CarDotCheck makes it worth your while, let us simplify your free car check experience.

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    30+ Data Points for you to make the best decision when it comes to buying a used car, research made simple via CarDotCheck.

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    Striving towards quality, whether a free car check or full car check, we help make better buying decisions no matter what vehicle you intend to buy.

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How should I check car status properly?

All Used Cars are available within your reach, but you must carry out a free car check initially to decide which type of car you want to buy, depending on the car transmission it could be petrol, diesel or electric. Low tax cars with a recent manufacture date, well maintained service records and low mileage is highly preferable. This is why it is to advised to get a free car check before buying a used car to avoid unnecessary financial strain.

It usually gets confusing as to which report one should get; one should opt for a free car check initially, then choose a full check to get the complete details, putting together pieces of information through clean reports from CarDotCheck.

Where to buy a used car report?

CarDotCheck is the most sought after place to go for car check reports, with years of analytics expertise and data science which has been used to consolidate the most functional car data points into affordable packages. Providing simple detailed reports in the UK that is adequate to check used car information.

Used Car Documents

Before buying a car, get a free car check to get certain details, it is imperative to purchase only if all the paperwork is thoroughly checked and marked as genuine, in case you are not able to check all documents by hand, opt for a full check to know details such as MOT History, Tax History, Car Service History, V5C Log Book Check and important details before you purchase a used car.

Important Full Car Checks

Check physically as well as online before buying a used car, to find rusts, dents, scrapes, tyres tread, interiors and glasses etc. Free car check data only reveals a part of information; try our Pro Check (Full Used Car Check) to know more about the complete details about the car you are going to buy. Our Pro Check Includes:

  • Finance Checks or Outstanding Finance of the vehicle.
  • Insurance Write-off to know about the categories of write-off.
  • Stolen Vehicle Check from National police computer database.
  • Scrapped Vehicle Check to know about the condition on how long it can run.
  • Detailed Mileage Check to reveal the mileage clocking status.
  • High Risk Check to know about any disputes on the vehicle.

We recommend you to check mot date to ensure that the vehicle is safe in all aspects of MOT regulations.

Check car details to avoid fraudulent activities

UK is laden with metal theft cases, stolen car cases, cloning etc., this may lead to future problems, if left carelessly. Get a Full Car report before buying a used car. Imported Cars are at risk of being stolen, they are sought after their robust engines, a risk of cloning also exists for exported cars, cloning a vehicle from the top-down is nothing new. Cars set to be scrapped run on the roads with illegally modified engines and a poor chassis, this could be dangerous, it is a only a matter of time before someone gets hurt, which is why, ensuring DVLA safety standards is in the best of interest and recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Buying a used car is Get a free car check to aid you with the most detailed reports that can help you buy a used car easily, using CarDotCheck.
Firstly, take a free car check to know the basics of the used car, then find out if it is compatible to you. Second, pick a full report to know more and find out the valuation price to know a reasonable rate. Third, buy your car based on research, not impulse.
It is important to browse through all the used cars before you end up buying one, take a free car check to know the overview of the used car and get a full car check on the used car that is compatible for you.
You can check the most of car details using reg number by entering it on the search tab, since full VIN can't be found online easily. If you have a full VIN number, you can decode the manufacturer, the make and model of the car along with other details. Get a VIN Check and know the last 5 digits.

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