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We at CarDotCheck aim to be the best provider of car check reports at highly competitive prices that go easy on your wallet, providing a top-notch car check service for the public that deserves information at an affordable cost.

  • Certified Data

    CarDotCheck reports are made via well-researched information gathered from dependable sources, such as PNC, private dealers.

  • Customer Support

    CarDotCheck is available 24*7 round the clock, because we strive to provide only the best car check service that caters to our customers every day.

  • Easy to use

    Almost 10,000 car checks are carried out each day and CarDotCheck makes it worth your while, let us simplify your car check experience with.

  • Car Check Data

    30+ Data Points for you to make the best decision when it comes to buying a used car, research made simple via CarDotCheck.

  • Assured Quality

    Detailed vision into quality, car check information to help you make better buying decisions no matter what car or vehicle you intend to buy.

  • Detailed Insights

    Car Check Reports are easy to access, anywhere; CarDotCheck offers the best-detailed insights via mail and other mediums as per your need.

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CarDotCheck provides top-notch car history check that is worth your time, with quality data that is quick and accessible from all medium, striving to offer only the elite used car check reports.

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Negotiate a better deal with your trader, find a safe used car for your family or find the valuation of your used car, no matter what you intend to do, we got you covered with our Full Car Check.

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Why everyone should perform a full car check before buying a used car?

  • Price Worthy

    Our Prime Car Check can tell you, what the current market value is

  • Number Plate

    Reports state 100K+ Logbooks are stolen for number plate change.

  • Mileage Anomalies

    25% of used cars have mileage anomalies, where odometer is clocked.

  • Stolen one

    33% chance on buying a stolen car if you don’t perform used car check.

  • Written-off

    Damaged cars are fixed / sold illegally; ensure your safety with car check.

  • On-Time Report

    50+ data points, ensuring clarity of mind before buying a used car.

Worried about buying a used car? Get a Pro Car check to clarify all your Doubts. CarDotCheck helps you buy a genuine car every time.

Why a Car Check is unique at CarDotCheck?

Affordable Used Car Checks

We at CarDotCheck aim to be the toughest contender in this market, providing prominent car check reports at highly competitive prices that go easy on your wallet, with the highest priority being a top-notch car check service for the public that deserves information at an affordable cost.

To all the dealers, petrol heads and fellow public out there, we are sure that you will be satisfied with our car check reports, if you think otherwise, please do check other contenders and see for yourself if they are providing the same car data for our competitive price!

We give free car reports for "free" and paid reports having whopping discounts, NO more overpriced car checks that are huge rip-offs only due to brand familiarity.

Detailed Car Check Insights

At CarDotCheck, We have no need to prove we are the best; it is the most comprehensive car check report that you could get in this industry, since we have been in the data industry for quite a while now. Providing people with detailed analysis on car check reports that factor in all variables required, before buying a used car.

Checks we provide include:

Car Finance check, stolen car check, previous owner car check, written off check, mileage anomaly check, import/export car check, colour change check, number plate checks & more.

CarDotCheck Data Sources

We generate our data from the government, non-profit agencies, business partners, public records and information, combined with the public sources accessible via Internet. It should always be kept in mind that the information we provide is only a helping aid rather than a sure shot accurate report, and it cannot be the basis for any claim. The Car History Check Report should always be verified and compared with the actual condition of the car and the content of the V5C logbook.

Used Car Buying Tips

Which Car can I invest in and how?

All Used Cars are available within your reach, but you must carry out a full sweep car analysis to decide which type of car you want to buy, depending on the car transmission it could be petrol, diesel or electric, and if we think about low tax cars, then finding something with a recent manufacture date with well maintained service records and low mileage would be highly preferable.

There are thousands of used cars available in the market, but choosing one from the bag is pretty difficult.

To know all this information about a used car, we usually head over to familiar brands in the car check industry, often overpaying for a used car check we don’t even need.

It usually gets confusing as to which car check; one should opt for since there are so many checks to choose from and so many car check websites, on top of that.

At CarDotCheck we aim to provide simplified used car checks that are easy to understand and we only provide checks that are useful, and have them consolidated in packages that will be affordable and highly functional car data that enables you to make an informed decision before buying a car.

Where to Buy?

CarDotCheck is the most sought after place to go to for Used Car Checks, with years of analytics expertise and data science which has been used to consolidate the most functional car data points into affordable packages.

We provide results simpler, faster and much more comprehensive than other car check sites.

Vehicle Documents

It is imperative that you purchase a car only if all the paperwork i.e., car documents are thoroughly checked and marked as genuine, in case that you are not able to check all documents by hand, be mindful to do an online check with CarDotCheck to ensure that you know certain information regarding the vehicle, such as :

MOT History, Tax History, Car Check Service History, V5C Log Book Check and other important details before you carry out a used car purchase.

Important Checks

There are some important things to check physically, as well as online before buying a car. Perform a physical car check such as rusts, dents and scrapes, tyres, interiors and glasses, chassis number, keys.

Once you are done with the car, you should perform an online car check to make sure that there is not any outstanding finance, mileage anomaly, insurance write-off, etc. against the vehicle that you intend to buy, it comes across as a tedious job to complete an all round check of the car by yourself, and that is where we want to help our customers by providing a comprehensive data package that fulfills all of your car check needs.

Fraudulent Activities

UK is laden with metal theft cases, stolen car cases, cloning and much more when it comes to used cars, there are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration when buying a used car, as it may lead to many problems in the future, if left carelessly.

It is crucial to get a Full Car Check History before buying a used car and this advice would be plastered everywhere you go, since it gets messy if we try to retrieve all the necessary information on our own.

Imported Cars are at risk of being stolen, for being sought after their robust engine specifications, then there is also the risk of cloning that can be done for cars that are exported, cloning a vehicle from the top-down by copying the VIN/Chassis number is nothing new.

Cars that are set to be scrapped, are running on the roads with illegally modified engines and a poor chassis that could be vulnerable to an accident, it is a only a matter of time before someone gets hurt, whether it is a pedestrian or you, ensuring DVLA safety standards is in the best of interest and recommended over and over again.

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