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Check MOT Due Date: Why is it essential?

The MOT test (Ministry of Transport or MOT) is vehicle safety check taken annually, for compliance in regard to road worthy conditions and exhaust emissions as required in the UK for vehicles over 3 years, as per the Road Traffic Act 1988. After three years every year, the car should be put in the MOT Vehicle inspection. This includes vans, motorbikes but certain vehicles are exempt:

  • Cars and motorbikes made before 1960
  • Electric goods vehicles
  • Tractors

Driving without getting a proper certificate from MOT every year is a criminal offense that could cost you with a £2,500 fine, three penalty points and possibly a driving ban.

Check MOT history to help you buy used cars better, some are flawed and do not get fixed on time to working conditions, it is dangerous for the driver as well as the pedestrians.

Vehicle MOT Check in UK

MOT Check ensures the standard and safety of the vehicle required in the United Kingdom is up to the mark. It is advised to check MOT History to ensure that the vehicle is in a road worthy condition so that all drivers and passengers inside the vehicle are safe and comfortable, when they travel. The UK Government initiated MOT tests for the safety of its citizens.

Another main idea of the UK Government to make people check MOT history was to reduce vehicle theft and vehicle fraud, which was a smart initiative by the Government to stop illegal activities.

What is checked on an MOT?

There is a checklist that you should satisfy with your MOT examiner.

VIN Check - It is tested for authenticity, it is a unique serial number that is marked inside the vehicle.

Number Plate Check - checked for compliance with current regulations like lettering (Font Style), spacing & stability.

Lights - The aim, condition, safety and colour of the lights in the car are checked.

Steering and suspension - Checked to see if they are in a good condition and fit to be on the road.

Wiper and washers - tested to ensure if it gives a clear view of the road through the windscreen.

Windscreen - checked for cracks or chips, if the damage is more than 10mm, then it is dangerous to drive vehicle in that condition.

Horn - checked for normal functionality and if audible or not, to maintain certain decibel levels to prevent noise pollution while complying with UK regulations.

Checking Doors and Mirrors - tested for proper opening and closing, ensuring that they are secure when closed. Mirrors are also tested if they are working properly.

Wheels and Tyre Check - Wheels and tyres are the most important when it comes to inspection, checked for road conditions by verifying the tread depth to ensure they’re not too wornout.

Brake Check - Normal functionality and condition of the brakes is checked.

Fuel system and exhaust system - Checked to see if are any leaks or blockages in the entire system.

Vehicle emission Check - MOT tester examines the vehicle emission to check if it falls within the safety guidelines.

Know the category of your vehicle before booking a MOT Check

Class I
Motor bicycles (with or without sidecars) up to 200cc
Class II
All Motorbikes (including Class I | with or without sidecars).
Class III
3-wheeled vehicles not more than 450 kg unladed weight (excluding Motor bicycles with sidecars).
Class IV
3-wheeled vehicles greater than 450 kg unladed weight; cabs, minibuses, and ambulances up to 12 traveler seats. Goods Vehicles having a Design Gross Weight (DGW) under 3,000 kg, along with Motor Trailer & Vehicles that can act as Passenger Cars or Goods Vehicles.
Class V
Private passenger vehicles, ambulances, motor caravans and dual purpose vehicles with 13 or more passenger seats
PSV test (Class VI)
Commuting Vehicles that come under Public Service Vehicles used for hire, with more than eight passenger seats (test conducted by DVSA/DVA staff their stations, or at DVSA authorised testing facilities (ATF) or designated premises (DP)).
Class VII
Goods Vehicles up to 3,000 kg and over; including 3,500 kg DGW. If a vehicle is presented with a plate from manufacturer along with a plate from the Ministry (that displays the permitted axle and gross vehicle weights), preference is given to ministry plates. A Goods Vehicle cannot appear for MOT without its Ministry Plate.
HGV test
Goods vehicles over 3,500 kg GVW and trailers over 1,020 kg unladed weight or 3,500 kg GVW if fitted with overrun brakes (test conducted by DVSA/DVA staff their stations, or at a DVSA authorised testing facility (ATF) or designated premises (DP)).

MOT History Check at CarDotCheck

Detailed insights are provided in the MOT history report of the vehicle and when it last underwent its MOT check, along with its date, test outcome, mileage records, advisories and failure notes. The test results are in varying colours to identify whether the vehicle / car has passed the MOT check or not.

What we provide in our Car MOT Check and Tax reports:

  • MOT due date
  • MOT check date
  • Mileage History
  • Current MOT status
  • Previous MOT History

  • Present Road Tax status
  • Refusal notes
  • Advisory notes
  • Road charge restoration

A broad rundown of warning notes on the MOT check could recommend that the vehicle hasn’t been legitimately maintained and kept up. A used car that hasn’t been at all taken care of by its past owners, could result in a higher danger such as car breakdown and may lead to huge repair costs.

Review the full MOT check of the vehicle you’re hoping to purchase; it gives important knowledge as to how the car has been kept up through its present and past possession.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mostly it will take around 45-60 minutes to complete the MOT Check. But keep in mind that it takes an hour once the vehicle has been taken for the test. Since, there might be a queue of vehicles waiting for their MOT Check.
Advisories let you know what is wrong about the vehicle and what needs to be fixed so that the vehicle can be brought back to a road worthy condition, check MOT history with CarDotCheck to get all the details possible.
Yes the VIN number is mentioned in the MOT certificate because this information is checked to ensure that the vehicle is authentic or not, so you will be able to find it, check MOT history to know more.
Mostly a MOT History Check costs £54.85 or less depending upon the size of the vehicle and £29.65 for a standard motorcycle. The amount to be paid for the repairs depends upon what the test finds. Check MOT History to thoroughly analyze the vehicle and reduce long term expenses.
Check MOT History to find out the expiry for your MOT date as well as the MOT history and advisories that could help you in making a better decision while buying a used car.

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