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There are a lot of scams concerning used cars, swindlers steal registration plates to arrange cloned cars and create confusion by avoiding being caught, police help avoid such felonies by registering such shady numbers. A number plate check helps avoid trouble cars, buy a car worth your time and money. Check for authenticity of the number plate and if it matches with the logbook. Obtain a car number plate check along with all the important checks needed to consider before buying a used car.

Why check Reg Plate UK before buying a used car?

It is normal for cars to have different registration plates over time but if the dealer is not honest about it, then it could be troublesome for you. Undergoing a number plate check gives certainty and genuine peace about the car's history and can help check if there are any odd issues on the past plates.

Number Plate Finder, is it easy to use?

Be sure about the car conditions when you buy; we provide data that helps in knowing if the car is roadworthy. If you bought the car without checking number plate search history, it could lead to a lot of financial troubles along with the consequence of losing your car. Having a number plate finder makes it easy to find a good used car saving you money in the long run.

A Number Plate search helps authenticate your used car, a lot of stolen cars go through plate changes to avoid being caught by the police, verifying with VIN and the plate number helps. We help in buying your used car with data about number plate changes; get a Number Plate Check today.

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It is possible to change number plate of your car if you wish, there are customised number plates which can be used. There is always a catch when you buy a second hand car that has undergone number plate change. It could end up hiding major issues of the car. The car dealer or seller must point out number plate changes, and if not done, they are hiding something from you.

Number Plate Search and what it consists?

Get other used cars details as well along with a number plate check, that can help you buy a used car.

Number Plate Checker and its authentic reports

We source our information specifically from trusted sources, when you utilize our services, you’re getting a number plate check with precise and solid data. You would be able to handle the consequences if the number plate check confirms any change not mentioned by the vendor, get a detailed report as to why the car’s number plate has been changed.

If number plate matches the seller’s statement, it gives a peace of mind to the customer that the data is original. Any inconsistency may demonstrate that the dealer has something to cover up, and you have all the right to reject the offer, which will be only good for you in the long run. A number plate check gives you data needed to make the right choice. Find a number plate history report that helps you buy the used car you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With the license plate you can find about the used car's history for free, such as date first registered and performance data. It is only possible to find the previous keeper details as to when the handover took place, but personally identifiable information is not available, as per UK laws.
It is easy to find the car's specifications using the reg number, all you have to do is enter the reg number onto the search bar and proceed to the free check, where you can find all sorts of information such as MOT due dates, tax dues and other physical specs.
The registration plate has the country identifier, area code, age identifier, and 3 random letters for uniqueness. Whereas the VIN consists of the make, model details of the brand along with other details like security code, serial number of the vehicle and the origin country.
Once you have received the letter from DVLA regarding the complete transfer of the registration number, you can put your new number plates on the car, quickly if possible. There is some time available for the plates to be made but it is better if you don't wait for too long.
Find the original plate using the number plate check and reveal the plate change history, when it was done, what registration number it was before and such. Usually number plate changes occur when a personalized custom plate is used to replace the existing reg number, but it is not always the case.

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