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Where CarDotCheck gets its information to provide DVLA vehicle check?
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    We are vehicle data providing experts; here one can check vehicle details of a used car / motorbike etc.(via vehicle registration number) with just one click. CarDotCheck started with a motive to provide free DVLA vehicle check to used car buying people. We provide simple reports for a better understanding of the vehicle data which you intend to buy. Our secure payment gateway allows buying the complete DVLA vehicle check data easily and quickly using a debit card, credit card, GPay, Apple pay, Paypal.

    “Our Free Vehicle Check History provides details such as DVLA specs, MOT and Tax History.”

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    DVLA and SMMT

    The vehicle history check information comes from DVLA, where you can check and validate the VIN number, Engine number and much more using our DVLA vehicle check report. Our Free Vehicle Check History provides details such as DVLA specs, MOT and Tax History. What does DVLA have? Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has recorded vehicle data such as colour change of the vehicle, vehicle number plate changes, whether the vehicle is imported or exported and more such details are recorded on DVLA. We get this vehicle data to display in our report, this helps CarDotCheck customers obtain a comprehensive used DVLA vehicle check.

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    Vehicle Mileage Register

    Our vehicle mileage check retrieves records from DVLA and includes records from trusted sources; our free vehicle check history provides details such as DVLA specs, MOT and Tax History, which is very beneficiary before buying a used vehicle.

    The Vehicle Mileage Register source consists of date of the mileage recorded in the vehicle and mileage recorded at that time. All the records are put in the recent date order to cross check against the MOT vehicles records and service records.

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Some Helpful Tips and Advice for performing a DVLA vehicle check

How to get vehicle information from DVLA?

It is possible to get vehicle information from DVLA directly. But, CarDotCheck provides MOT details along with DVLA vehicle information for free. At CarDotCheck one can obtain both of the details by simply entering vehicle registration number once.

Free Vehicle Check History at CarDotCheck consists of DVLA specs, MOT and Tax History that can be used before buying a used vehicle.

What data is revealed in Optim DVLA Vehicle Check at CarDotCheck?

  • Our Optim DVLA Vehicle Check provides free vehicle data that consists of all the necessary information such as MOT, Tax History and DVLA vehicle information needed before buying a used vehicle.
  • To get a free check, enter your Vehicle Registration number, get your report and gain knowledge about the car.
  • CarDotCheck’s Optim DVLA Vehicle Check reports include DVLA Vehicle Registration Details, MOT history and Mileage History Chart.
  • Our Optim Check report is not limited to the above mentioned reports but includes Environmental and Economic Details, Vehicle Performance Check, Running Cost Check and Insurance Check.
  • CarDotCheck has data from all the vehicles registered in England and Wales and Northern Ireland. Use our DVLA Vehicle check to make an informed decision before you buy a used vehicle.

How does our Prime DVLA Vehicle Check help while buying a used vehicle?

  • Our Prime DVLA Vehicle Check reveals to you, the important data required to help you weed out any fraudulent vehicle that could be sold to you.
  • Our Prime DVLA Vehicle Check includes VIN / Chassis check, Previous Vehicle Owner History, Colour change, Vehicle Plate change.
  • Engine Number, Scrapped Check and VIC Inspected check are also included in our Prime DVLA Vehicle check to know about the status of the vehicle.
  • Prime DVLA Vehicle Check provides you the exact valuation of the Vehicle which includes the Trade Retail, Part Exchange, Trade Average, Dealer Forecourt and more.
  • Get a Prime DVLA Vehicle Check with CarDotCheck before you shortlist the vehicle.

What does our Pro DVLA Vehicle Check offer?

Our Pro DVLA Vehicle Check reveals to you, the complete details of the car you want to check, Pro DVLA Vehicle Check includes Optim DVLA Vehicle Check, Prime DVLA Vehicle Check along with its own vehicle data check features. We at CarDotCheck also provide free vehicle check history that includes DVLA specifications, MOT as well as Tax History.

All these Pro Vehicle Checks are consolidated and CarDotCheck provides them to you in a single report. It is one of the most simple and efficient ways to check vehicle details.

“We advice each and every customer to do this DVLA Vehicle Check prior to buying a used vehicle, moreover buying small amounts of data from time to time is an unnecessary expense, Instead buy a Pro DVLA Vehicle Check to get things done quicker and in a cost effective manner”

Pro DVLA Vehicle Check includes:

  • Outstanding Finance
  • Insurance Write off with S and N category
  • Stolen DVLA Vehicle Check from the Insurance Claim Database and Police National Computer (PNC)
  • Tyre Check, Certificate of Destruction and High Risk Check are also included in the Pro DVLA Vehicle Check pack

Why it is good to Know about CarDotCheck And its Data Accuracy for Your Vehicle Check?

CarDotCheck is a company which offers 100% data accuracy for a DVLA Vehicle Check towards their customers’ best interest. It is one of the quickest and most simple ways to check vehicle details.

We are informing you that other than the vehicle information, we don’t require any other personal details from you. We are just vehicle check data resellers, who retrieve information from trusted sources.

Why do we need to check vehicle details?

Buying a used vehicle is a highly risky thing to do, it is impossible to tell the history of the vehicle by just taking a look at it. CarDotCheck provides the accurate data history of the vehicle if the buyer needs to check vehicle details. Sometimes some hidden information can be revealed to the buyer which was not disclosed by the seller earlier.

What to do if a vehicle on sale has hidden information?

Such information has been revealed in our DVLA vehicle check reports, CarDotCheck advises its customers to refuse from buying that used vehicle wherein it was a stolen vehicle, has outstanding finance, etc. which was not revealed by the seller properly.

Best way to negotiate with the seller using information from CarDotCheck

We suggest everyone to take a closer look at the valuation table of the vehicle once the DVLA Vehicle check report has been generated. Each data given in the valuation check is important data to negotiate with the seller. The DVLA vehicle check report reveals the dealer forecourt price, trade price, auction price and much more to be noted when having a final discussion with the vehicle seller.

How to buy a Used Vehicle with 0% risk?

First thing everyone should follow is to get a genuine used vehicle report which is readily available once registered number is entered in the CarDotCheck search box. Once the report is generated, everyone should check the prime details of the vehicle such as Mileage clocking, Scrapped Car check, outstanding finance and much more that should be observed before buying a used vehicle without any risk. After getting a full report, reviewing it properly might save you from huge issues.

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