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A van check can help you get through buying a used van smoothly, whether you are looking for a van, camper or a pick up by getting you necessary information such as MOT records, tax dues, vehicle specs and other crucial things like getting to know the outstanding finance, written off status etc.

Why get a van history check?

What you can get in a van history check is the make, model and registration of the van, which you could use for buying. This information is completely free online and easily obtainable from CarDotCheck. If you are in need of more information then you will need to pay, since it is better to have detailed information about a van’s past before investing in blindly. Get a van check now to make sure you are buying the right vehicle.

Getting a PrimeCheck can give you details about the VIN number (vehicle identification number – last 5 digits only), matching the VIN can give you much more authentication on your part and help you identify your van. VIN is found in the windscreen’s lower left corner and is also found on the door jamb. Using the VIN, is a good idea to know about any warnings beforehand, since the van could have been stolen or may have other issues.

Important things to consider

Avoid buying van or pickup that comes with a warning, if in the report you can observe that the car has been identified with bad MOT records or outstanding finance, there may come a time when the vehicle will not belong to you anymore and will get confiscated if the finance hasn’t been paid off.

Usually, if a used car seller hasn’t settled the outstanding finance then the finance agency legally owns the vehicle and the seller has no right to sell the car. It is usually a risk to buy a van with such issues and the vehicle could be reclaimed at any point of time, which only results in loss of money and the van itself. A van check can be quite useful before you opt for a used van.

Check MOT and mileage history for free, check out our optim check for vans before you actually decide to purchase. You can get vehicle specifications along with tax dues while browsing through the van’s details that can help you decide if the van is suitable for you or not. Get a van check to help you out with your used van purchase while getting you important details to go through.

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What else can you find out with a van check?

If the van has been involved in a serious accident, then it could have been written off and there are 4 categories that we should consider before buying, namely A, B,C, D and F. You can find out if the van has been written off and what category it has been placed into.

Usually Cat D is the most preferred because it has non structural damage, mostly small dents and scrapes along with damage that doesn’t really affect the van’s roadworthiness. If a van is damaged more, structurally, then it would be put into the C category, which means that it has structural damage and may take more than the car’s price to fix it back to roadworthiness.

A Cat B van is most likely to be salvaged, since it would cost too much to repair and a Cat A is something you should stay away from because there is nothing left to salvage and the van should be set for scrapping.

There is a category F for vans and pickups that have been damaged by fire, which the insurer can refuse to repair, it is gone through heavy repairing and testing, since it is not just a simple damage, and there are situations where the fire can screw up in parts that you least expected. Some metal embrittlement could occur that could go unnoticed by barely viewing.

There is a change in the way Cat C and Cat D are now represented, they are better known as Cat S and Cat N respectively. While performing a van check, make sure that you know what category it belongs to. A free car history check can help you make an informed decision while buying used vehicles.

Scams to be aware of while buying a van


A seller who is trying to hide the van’s wear and tear, will generally have nothing to show you in terms of history, it will have disproportionate wear and that is why you should take a van check before committing for the purchase.


Van Cloning is rather tough to find out since, a lot of vans are mass produced and have no distinguishing marks that can be used other than the VIN, the only way to be safe against van cloning is to get a full van check and figure out the authenticity of the VIN number by matching it with the V5C.

Always make sure that you thoroughly check for the van, inside and outside properly, have a van inspection done and find out what is wrong.

Money Transfers done wrong

Never get transfers done from a western union, it is not easy to track. Always go for a banker’s draft, or handle it with bank transactions that can be traced. This is where you need to be very careful since the scammer may provide you with some other van’s registration number so that you may believe it to be genuine. Most likely it will be a van that has been cloned.

If you are asked to send the money to a third party as a sign of good faith for retaining the van, so that the “scammer” doesn’t sell it to someone else who is waiting, which is clearly an act of creating demand. This type of urgency causes the buyer to make decisions that he/she will most likely regret.

Avoid making a purchase out of impulse

Never make a purchase out of impulse, some scammers can easily sniff out your interest and your level of interest that may be of more interest to them. This can be a great bait for pulling in buyers who have the money but don’t have the know how to verify the van’s authenticity.

Get a Van Check through Registration Plate

Get a van check through registration plate and find out everything that you need to know about your van or pickup through the van history check. Check van registration plate before you commit to buy a van or a pickup.

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