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A van check can help you get through buying a used van smoothly, whether you are looking for a van, camper or a pick up by getting you necessary information such as MOT records, tax dues, vehicle specs and other crucial things like getting to know the outstanding finance, written off status etc.

Dvla van check: Things to consider

In a dvla van check you get make, model and registration of the van, which is useful for buying. This information is completely free online and easily obtainable from CarDotCheck. If you need more information try our Prime or Pro check, it is better to have detailed information before investing in a used van. Get a van check to ensure you are buying the right vehicle.

Prime Check can give you details about VIN (vehicle identification number - last 5 digits only), matching the VIN can provide authentication to identify your van. Using VIN is a good idea to know if the van was cloned.

Get van specs by reg using CDC

Avoid buying van or pickup that comes with a warning, if in the report you can observe that the car has been identified with bad MOT records or outstanding finance, there may come a time when the vehicle will not belong to you anymore and will get confiscated if the finance hasn’t been paid off.

Check MOT and mileage history for free, check out our optim check for vans before you decide to purchase. Get vehicle specifications along with tax dues while browsing through the van's details which can help you decide if the van is suitable or not. A van check can help you out with your used van purchase.

What else can you find out with a van check?

If the van has been written off, there are some categories that we should consider before buying. Usually Cat D is the most preferred because it has non-structural damage, mostly small dents and scrapes along with damage that doesn't really affect the van's road worthiness.

If a van is damaged structurally, it would be in the C category (it has structural damage and requires more money than car's actual price to fix it). A Cat B van is most likely to be salvaged, since it would cost too much to repair and a Cat A is something you should stay away from because there is nothing left to salvage and the van should be set for scrapping.

There is a category F for vans and pickups that have been damaged by fire, which the insurer can refuse to repair, since it is not just a simple damage, there are situations where the fire damage might have screwed up crucial parts; metal embrittlement that goes unnoticed is dangerous.

There is a change in the way Cat C and Cat D are now represented, they are better known as Cat S and Cat N respectively. While performing a van check, make sure that you know what category it belongs to. A free car history check can help you make an informed decision while buying used vehicles.

Get a Van Check through Registration Plate

Get a van check through registration plate and find out everything that you need to know about your van or pickup through the van history check. Check van registration plate before you commit to buy a van or a pickup.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find out if the van has been written off by the insurance company and avoid buying such a used car, since checking a used car is mandatory before buying. Get a van insured check to know better.
Enter the reg number to get the Pro check report where you can know if your used car has been stolen or not, using the data from police national computer, the van's stolen status can be checked, this makes it easier to find out and is also time saving.
When buying a van. it is essential to see the number of miles it has traveled because vans are highly functional vehicles that are used in fleets and goods delivery, they are abused to such an extent that by the time they are up for resale, they are mostly just a hunk of metal with low performance spare parts waiting to break down.
Find out the insurance written off details regarding the used van that you want to buy, it is essential that you check all of these before hand so that you make an informed purchase.
Usually if the van has been written off, you can check that using the MOT records and the service records, since they make note of the damages incurred. Find out if the van has been written off and what category it has been placed into using the reg number to find out its written off status.

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