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Please read the following document carefully before buying a CarDotCheck report.

CarDotCheck and cardotcheck.co.uk are trading names of Dot Rays Technologies Limited, United Kingdom (No. 13322100) Registered office. Please note the information provided on this website’s free and paid CarDotCheck reports are all provided from 3rd party sources.

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By placing an order on this website, you must first agree to the terms and conditions set out in this page. If you do not agree please do not place an order or use the free check facility and leave this website immediately.

By using this website, you agree that you will not extract, copy, replicate, scrape or screen scrape any of the data or information shown on this website unless we have first agreed to allow you to do so in writing.

While using this website, getting a free or paid CarDotCheck, you agree that:

  • All information and data in the free and paid vehicle checks is provided by 3rd party sources of which we CarDotCheck have no-control over what-so-ever. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee the data shown on this website to be true or accurate.
  • By obtaining a vehicle check (optim or pro) you agree that we cannot guarantee the data being displayed as accurate, this is because we are not the data controller and only a reseller of the data.
  • CarDotCheck, its employees & directors cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred as a direct or indirect result of this website or it’s free or paid vehicle checks.
  • CarDotCheck cannot be held liable or responsible for any website, email or report errors. Spelling mistakes or typos that occur on this website or in the free and paid checks, we have taken reasonable care to ensure all spellings are accurate but from time to time mistakes may have gone un-noticed, you accept and agree that this is a possibility.
  • By placing an order for our paid check, you agree that:

    The information displayed is sourced from 3rd party sources and for this reason we cannot be held responsible if the data is inaccurate / erroneous.

    Our Paid check is non-refundable once the report page has been viewed, clicked or opened. If payment has been made but the Paid check link was never clicked, viewed or opened, then we will be able to offer you a refund providing, you explain this to us when you get in contact. However, once the report has been viewed we cannot issue any refunds. Please note we keep logs of whether the report has been viewed.

    In the event we fail to provide your paid report within 48 hours (if something went wrong with instant access), you are entitled to a full refund by getting in contact via email: support@cardotcheck.co.uk.

    We reserve the right to remove your access to the paid check from this website after 30 days. We believe this is fair as your report is instantly accessible after payment has been made.

    Intellectual property rights

    The source code, names, images, designs and product names are owned by CarDotCheck. You must first get written permission if you wish to use, replicate or redistribute any of CarDotCheck’s content.


    By using this website, you must agree that these terms shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales. You also agree that any disputes between you and CarDotCheck must be dealt with in England & Wales courts.

    Cancellation rights

    By agreeing to these terms and conditions and because of the nature of this service, you agree to waiver your rights to cancellation or refund, if you have opened your paid check.

    If you have paid but never viewed, opened, clicked or browsed to the report link then a ticket may be raised by your side to report the issue, and we shall help with your grievance once you get in contact with us.

    Your personal data

    We store information such as your name, address, email, details of your search and IP address, CarDotCheck may disclose this information if required to do so for law reasons such as for crime prevention or to aid recovery of stolen property/vehicles.

    You agree and consent to giving CarDotCheck the right to disclose all or parts of your information to law enforcement agencies or the police.

    Limitations of our liability to you

    All the information provided in our free and paid reports and checks is supplied from 3rd party sources. For this reason, we cannot guarantee or offer any warranty that this information is accurate, correct or true. You agree that we CarDotCheck, its employees or directors cannot be held liable for any damages or losses that may arise due to inaccuracies or errors on this website or its reports.

    Carrying out your checks

    You agree that you will carry out your checks to ensure a vehicle is genuine and not a cloned, fake or stolen version of the real vehicle, which include taking the following actions:

  • Checking the VIN (Vehicle identification number) on the vehicle matches the one on your Paid check.
  • Checking the vehicles engine number matches that of your Paid check.
  • Checking the V5C log book issue date matches your Paid check.
  • Checking the vehicles registration plate on your paid check matches the one on the V5C log book and the vehicle you are buying.
  • Checking that ALL the V5C log book details match your Paid check, for example (but not limited to) Vehicle colour, make, model, type of fuel and number of previous keepers.
  • Obtaining the sellers full contact details and confirming there valid.
  • Checking the registered keeper is the person selling the vehicle and that they are authorised to do so, this should be accomplished by asking for photo ID e.g. a passport or driving license as well as a recent utility bill.
  • Obtaining a receipt which shows the date and time of purchase, the amount paid and how payment was made, the vehicles registration plate and make/model. With a signature from the seller of the vehicle.
  • CarDotCheck and cardotcheck.co.uk are trading names of Dot Rays Technologies Limited.