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How to check if a Car is Stolen?

Used car vs. New Car : Why stolen check is useful?

A stolen car check can let you know what's in store for you, with a stolen car, there will be lots of legal issues which will spoil your peace of mind. Legally speaking, if in case the stolen vehicle's owner finds the whereabouts of their vehicle, they have the rights to reclaim it, Whether you are unaware about the vehicle's condition.

Buying a used car is worth it because it is much more affordable when compared to buying a new car, especially if you are overpaying for something that will get depreciated once a new update or model kicks in. The police will seize the vehicle, if it is stolen and you will be left trying to get your money back via legal action against the seller of the vehicle.

5 important things for buying a stolen vehicle

  • DVLA Watermark Check - You should check the V5C logbook for the DVLA watermark in the original document copy.

  • Legal Document Check - Check the issue date and the serial number to make sure that the V5C logbook document is legal. Electric goods vehicles

  • Match Checking Check - the Registration Number and VIN Number of the Vehicle whether it matches the V5C logbook record.

  • Seller Cross-Check - Cross-Check vehicle seller information with the V5C logbook records to ensure the seller is Genuine.

  • MOT History Check - Check MOT Documents and Service history which must match the details in the V5C logbook.

Police National Computer Stolen Car Check

Check police records to ensure that the car you intend to purchase wasn’t involved in any felony. A stolen car check will immediately let you know if it is safe to buy by retreiving data from the PNC (Police National Computer) to determine the car's stolen status.

How to Check if car is stolen by license plate for free?

If you are wondering how to check if car is stolen by license plate, then no worries, simply enter your registration number to know about your used car's stolen status. Knowing appropriate information regarding the stolen car can help quite a lot, good decisions are made from thorough research.

Benefits of a stolen car database UK

Daily 50+ cars are recorded as stolen as per records; we include checks for a stolen bike to cover all types of vehicles for sale on the market. Buying a vehicle without a used car report is like intentionally falling into a financial trap that could make you lose money, a small amount of money can save you from debt. We highly recommend getting a stolen car check, to unravel vehicle history before you decide to buy.

Check if a vehicle is stolen, by CarDotCheck

Enter your reg number then take a full Vehicle Check to reveal the stolen vehicle status. If the Stolen Vehicle Status shows “YES” we recommend you not to buy, if the Status shows “NO” then check further for other recommended reports like Outstanding Finance, High Risk, etc.,we have a strong inclination towards customer satisfaction, providing detailed used car checks that are affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get to know if your car is stolen or not by taking a stolen car check quickly by entering the reg number and proceeding to the pro check to find out everything along with important details such as outstanding finance, written-off status, number plate details, colour change details and VIN last 5 digits among more such data.
It is possible in a way to check if a car is stolen since, while stealing cars, the Chassis number remains the same and can’t be over embossed with other numbers, thus leaving the swindlers to only change the VIN wherever visible. If there is a mismatch in the VIN numbers on the car then there is a high chance that it is stolen.
If you find out that you are in possession of a stolen vehicle, then immediately report to the police regarding the seller, the car registration number along with other details. It is illegal to have stolen goods and could cause you legal complications.
Whenever a vehicle gets stolen it gets registered in the Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR), get the stolen status of your vehicle by taking a full car check that has details like stolen date and more.

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