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Things to know about stolen motorbike check

It is easier to steal a moped, motorcycle or a scooter than it is to steal a car, there have been cases where thieves are now using high tech machinery to carry out stealth robbery operations and the vehicles are being salvaged for their parts and exported out of the country.

It is important to invest in a good security feature or a secure garage for your motorcycle, moped or scooter, since they are easy to be swept off the ground. Almost over 10K vehicles have been reported stolen in London itself, around 20K to 30K in all of UK. Check if motorbike is stolen to know your bike’s stolen status.

How to check if a bike is stolen?

Get your motorbike’s stolen status using reg number on the search bar, proceed to a free bike check, where you can see the details of the used motorbike and its specs, along with the tax dues and MOT records. Invest in a stolen bike check before you buy.

It is best to go for a free bike check before you decide to get a partial or full report, know your bike’s stolen status, its outstanding finance, number plate check and other crucial details such as its written off status; depending on the type of used bike report you pick.

Stolen Bikes Search: How does CDC help?

Stolen bikes search is important to figure out regarding the case that a motorbike is stolen, we retrieve data from the stolen vehicles registry to get the status if the bike has ever been stolen or not.

It is important to check the chassis number so that you can find out if the bike is authentic or not, observe closely if the VIN number matches on the body and on the V5C records.

Steps to prevent your motorbike from being stolen

  • Mark your vehicle – It is easy to identify easily when it is recovered, UV etching is a popular way of marking the vehicle, these marks are not visible in daylight, which means that they can’t be tampered with easily.

  • Locks – Use accredited locks such as disc locks, D locks from lock companies that are approved by the police themselves.

  • Chains – Use Chains to tie your bike down to the ground with a public railing, if you don’t own a garage. Chain the back tire, it is hard to remove, if possible even loop it through the frame.

  • Covers – If your bike is visible it will most likely be stolen, keeping under a cover can save your bike. Thieves look for particular bike models to rebuild bikes or sell spare parts, this is a simple solution effective in reducing theft.

  • Alarms – Using an alarm can be quite effective since, the sound can help prevent the theft from occurring, while activating the GPS so that the bike can be easily tracked. Check out some effective alarms.

Using these precautions would reduce your insurance rates and decrease a significant amount of money. Get a stolen bike check to save time.

Stolen motorbike check: Why it is needed?

Check out your used motorbike with the best motorbike history checker, providing you with essential details concerning the performance and physical specifications of the motorbike, along with several other information which you could use to verify its authenticity and worth. Get a stolen bike check to find out the stolen status for your motorbike which you intend to buy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The data we retrieve is based on PNC (Police National Computer) and if the data about the motorbike being stolen has been recorded, then it would definitely show.
Enter your reg number onto the search bar and proceed to the free bike check where you can opt in for the stolen bike check and find out the stolen status of your motocross bike.
It is important to get a stolen bike VIN check, since matching the VIN can be an efficient way to find out the genuineness of the motorbike.
Finding if a motorbike is stolen can be done, but it is not free, you can find out if the motorbike has bee stolen or not along with a few other details such as valuation price and more.

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