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Getting a scrapped car check helps you avoid problems while buying a used car. A car scrap check is mandatory whenever you buy a used car, CarDotCheck helps ensure that the vehicle (car or motorbike) you’re thinking of buying, hasn’t previously been scrapped or issued for destruction. Any vehicle labeled as “scrapped” by DVLA must not be on sale or the roads. Numerous written off cars slip into the market along with a few scrapped cars, posing a threat to public safety, not only to the car owner but pedestrians & driving traffic as well.

Scrapped Car Check History

In the history of UK, metal theft has been a serious issue that has led to dealers trying to get through with what they can, either by salvaging the spare parts and replacing the car with poor quality spares and reselling them, or making visible changes in the look of the car to make it look authentic.

Avoid being dragged down this lane and glide through safely above all this mess, through our scrapped car check reports.

How can you find out if your old car has been scrapped?

It is best to check whether the used car you are set to buy has been issued an ELV (End of Life Vehicle) by the DVLA, get your car scrap check report from CarDotCheck, we provide several checks for an affordable rate than any other competitor in the UK market.

Avoid buying cars that have been set to be scrapped, although they can be restored to a condition where you can use it, if it hasn’t been made compatible enough, it could lead to unnecessary problems.

Check If a Car Has Been Scrapped

We highly recommend getting a stolen car check, to unravel a car’s or motorbike’s history before you decide to buy. Get your stolen car check online at an affordable cost, no more hefty prices to get car checks. Each of the scrapped car checks we provide has no chance of inaccuracy because it is provided by certified sources.

Instead of single-car scrap check, purchasing premium multiple car checks as part of a multi-order would cost lesser than individual checks, and prove to be more effective to you. One of the important aspects that are insisted upon and recommended as a must-have, is that whenever you are going to buy a car, van or any other vehicle, a scrapped DVLA vehicle check is important.

If DVLA marks a vehicle as scrapped then it should not be on sale or on the road. Sometimes, written off cars also take part in the market. We strongly recommend checking for scrapped car check status. So before buying a used car, a scrapped car check is the foremost information to check.

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Easy Processes involved in a Scrapped Car Check

There are many different ways of scrapping a car, which include scrapping your vehicle without keeping any parts, scrapping a vehicle but salvaging its parts and scrapping a vehicle that is registered abroad.

There are some common procedures to follow before scrapping in any method:

  • If you want to keep the registration number, an application must be filed to the DVLA.

  • Take the car to an ATF and usually it is free to scrap a car, provide the V5C document but keep the yellow “Sell, transfer or part-exchange your vehicle to the motor trade” section from it

In cases where you would like to salvage parts from the car, it mandatory to inform the DVLA that the car is Off-Road before proceeding to salvage parts. The ATF may charge a fee for removed parts, such as the engine, gearbox, bodywork or wheels.

The final step, you have to inform the DVLA that you have completed the scrapping of your vehicle; otherwise you could be fined for not informing. Our Pro Check reveals both the certificate of Destruction certificate and Scrapped status of the vehicle at a small cost.

Benefits of performing a scrapped car check

We provide a more comprehensive report than any other car check agency that provides scrapped car check data, at an affordable cost, along with simplified reports that are easy to understand.

You can simply buy our Prime check which provides you the exact information collected from DVLA. It shows whether the DVLA has recorded a vehicle as scrapped or not.

These two steps have to be followed to scrap a vehicle. When a vehicle has reached the end of its usefulness, the vehicle owner must get it scrapped. As a result, check before you buy & get simplified car history check from CarDotCheck – Don’t regret after buying a vehicle

Get a Used car check via CarDotCheck and ease your mind, ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones via simplified used car reports that are useful for you and the common good.

Once you have bought a vehicle, the options for changing that vehicle are rather tricky and it would take some time before you actually sell it off again, which is why you should do your research well and find a car worthy of your spending.

Recommended checks before buying a used car

  • Check if your car was stolen or not
  • Check valuation price for your car
  • Get an insurance write-off check
  • Know about your car’s mileage history
  • Get a detailed list of your used car's current and previous keepers

What we have seen till now in Scrapped Car Check:

  • Pick a used car that you would like to buy
  • Search its reg number and get a scrapped car check
  • Find out if the car was set for scrapping or not, then check the V5C count
  • Once you have done your research, find a valuation for the car and negotiate with your dealer
  • Buy a worthy used car that saves your money and feel content about your purchase

Check If A Car Is Scrapped

Find out if your used car is scrapped or not

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