Refund Policy

Payment ahead of time must have been processed before you can get to a CarDotCheck report. No refund is accessible on the off chance that you pay for the CarDotCheck Report and it has been already conveyed to you by PC screen, email, fax, post or SMS.

In the circumstance that your CarDotCheck report is not received by you, just mail us at citing the registration number of the vehicle you checked, DOP (Date of Purchase) and Order ID; if any of the mentioned requirements are found to be inaccurate, refund will be canceled. In the event that we are unable to provide your report through any medium (On-screen, mail, fax, post, SMS) within a time span you may demand a refund.

A full refund is accessible in the event that you pay ahead of time for a CarDotCheck report and cancel the service inside the particulars of our cancellation policy as mentioned below.

In the circumstance where you have paid for a CarDotCheck Report, yet you wish to drop your order and you have not viewed the mentioned report yet, you will reserve the option to drop the order during the time span of 7 Days from the DOP (Date of Purchase) for the CarDotCheck Report. It will be considered that you have accessed the report, if the report was effectively created by CarDotCheck and a link to the report was sent to you by means of an email or SMS. In the event that a link to the report was not received by you, CarDotCheck will attempt to resend the link to you inside the available time, given that you have notified of not receiving the report.

To be able to cancel your order with CarDotCheck , you must email us at with the topic expressed as "Order Cancellation" within the 7 Day working time frame as laid out above with your request to drop the service.

If a CarDotCheck service has been dropped in the manner portrayed above, there will be no commitment by us to provide you with the CarDotCheck report indicated above and any payment gotten by us from you in regard of the dropped CarDotCheck. Report will be refunded to your debit or Visa (whichever card subtleties you had informed us of), no later than 30 days after receipt of your request to cancel the order.

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