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Check If A Car Has Outstanding Finance

What does an Outstanding Finance on a vehicle mean?

Outstanding Finance refers to the amount of money which has to be paid by the owner of the car to the finance company. Until the full amount is paid by the owner of the car, it is owned by the finance company.

Vehicle Finance Check at CarDotCheck

In the event that you purchase a vehicle, it is mandatory to have a vehicle finance check done so that if there is any finance issue, it would be ruled out before you lose the money you paid for the vehicle or have it taken by the finance agency. This is a genuine problem when obtaining a used vehicle, so utilizing a vehicle finance check to investigate its history is an essential move to make.

We at C3 understand that this is very important in terms of finding out about the vehicle; this indicates any remaining finances that need to be remitted or have not yet been remitted on time. This vehicle finance check will ensure the vehicle, van or motorbike you're after is eligible to purchase.

Legitimate Vehicle Ownership

Legal ownership of the vehicle depends on the lender who has supplied the finances to purchase the vehicle, if in any case the borrower fails to remit the finances required to complete the payment on time, legal ownership of the vehicle resides with the lender in question. It is recommended that you perform a car finance check before buying any used car, to avoid any type of outstanding finance issue.

If in the event that you bought a vehicle without considering the outstanding finance in mind, you could be purchasing a vehicle that isn't legitimately yours. Where the finances have not been settled yet, the loan officials are inside their rights to repossess the vehicle, which means you could lose the vehicle and the cash you paid.

Check the Vehicle's Finance Check History

Our vehicle finance check services incorporate numerous evaluations to guarantee the car you're purchasing is protected and legitimate to buy, including a logbook advance check. The outstanding finance remains with the vehicle so if you purchase a vehicle without checking its condition, you could be putting yourself in danger of losing the vehicle.

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Types of Outstanding Finance

Hire Purchase

The insurance company or the lender may retrieve the car if the owner of the car has not completely paid off the loan. Insurance company has the right to recover the car, which has an outstanding finance.

Conditional Sale

The Car Owner should pay a deposit amount for the car at the early stages of the agreement and should pay the installment amount, equally every month till the end of the agreement.

Credit Sale

A discount will be given if the car owner pays the complete installment amount within the given period of time. If that is not the case, the discount will be ruled out.

Lease/Contract Hire

The car owner will be working in the lender company until the full finance amount is compensated by his work.

Personal Loan

It is an amount offered by a Bank or by a society to manage the financial needs to share the cost of a car.

Personal Contract Plan

It is one of the most complicated ways to buy a car. It is similar to renting a car with some amount till the end of the contract. Sometimes PCP might lead to legal issues, so you should be aware of those issues before you get into such an agreement. After ending this contract, you can return the car or you can retain the car by calculating the resale value or you can buy a new car with that money.

Unit Stocking

It is a type of credit finance used by car dealers to empower them in order to fill their premises with loads of cars. These financial arrangements are often made with the car makers and banks. They help maintain a strategic distance from the car merchants having all their money tied up in stock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can outstanding finance be cleared?

In the event that a car finance check was made already, it could reveal that the dealer hasn’t yet remitted the unit stocking finance concerning the vehicle. That is why, it is important to ensure that the dealer gives affirmation to you about remittance before you take ownership. It is recommended to obtain such an affirmation in writing as a failsafe.

What can you expect from a vehicle finance check?

It will provide an updated detail from the finance company telling how much money is due concerning the car.

It is advised to always proceed with a car finance check from CarDotCheck before buying from a dealer since; it is not uncommon that many dealers forget to pay off the outstanding finance, as they may have many cars that they’re dealing with.

If somehow the outstanding car finance has not been paid then you could get a car with finance baggage that could later on disrupt your way of life by engaging you in unwanted issues. On a positive note, if you obtain a car finance check and find out the issues beforehand, there is a possibility that you may ask for a better selling price that compensates for the outstanding finance in question.

Sometimes there are people out there who drive a used car without even knowing that there was an outstanding finance related to the car that they had bought, and may be clueless as to the issues involved in it, until they come to the point where they sell it themselves.

For a small cost you can get a car history check done yourself on any car you are interested in buying. Not only will this show up any outstanding finance, it will also tell you how many owners it’s had, when it’s changed owners previously, and if there has been any information recorded against it by an insurance company, such as major accident damage or if it’s been stolen.

Alternatively, buy a used car from a well-respected, reputable dealer. There may be times when it appears to be cheaper to buy private, but you’ll get peace of mind that’s almost priceless.

Check If A Car Has Outstanding Finance

Vehicle Outstanding Finance Check

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