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What does a Mileage Check indicate?

A car mileage check indicates that the vehicle has been clocked / tampered with, that means the actual age of the car would be hard to calculate if there is no document to back up the original mileage; this means that the car can be sold at a price that has not been depreciated much, clocking of cars is illegal and it is always good to get a Car Mileage Check so that you can buy a used car safely.

Not undergoing a car mileage check could result in a lot of consequences, that would eventually accumulate into a cluster of problems, because it might have had serious issues and tons of damage and tear. You may find yourself spending more than the car price itself as the days go on.

How to check car mileage and why it is essential?

Obtaining a car mileage check on any used car is easy and can be done by entering the reg number on the search tab, it will be a smart plan before you intend to bring it home since it is better to avoid such a car in the first place. If the vehicle before you displays incorrect mileage when compared to the report, then it is sure that the mileage clock has been tampered with. The dealer might be trying to sell a used up vehicle that may soon turn to dust.

The data we source from third party agencies go through an intensive filter to provide only the best of data, so that our customers have access to top notch data which is consolidated and accurate, it is essential that all of the data points we provide are sufficient and satisfactory to everyone.

How to check if mileage is genuine or not?

It is best to check if mileage is genuine to avoid buying a clunker, since mechanical failures may simultaneously occur if you have not undergone a car mileage check before buying your used vehicle. While staying in the blind spot of not knowing the actual mileage, it would be hard to negotiate the correct price for the vehicle’s actual worth in the market.

It goes without saying that in such a case, it would only lead you to your loss in the long run if you don’t take the time to obtain a full car check, that could help you figure out what the car needs.

Many car check agencies provide data that is overpriced, we do not engage in such profiteering activities, the motto behind our services lies the fact that we are here to service the people not leech them of their resources and time.

Why is it good to verify vehicle mileage?

It can take quite a lot of research to find a good used car, since there is a lot of history in used cars and it is our responsibility to check if the car has authentic mileage or not. Avail a vehicle mileage check to understand your used vehicle better, since mileage can be a good indicator to verify the car's working condition and its actual age.

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4 Things to consider about Car Mileage Check

  • It is essential information that you must check before buying a used vehicle. Latest vehicle reports say that an estimated 2.3 Million clocked cars are on the UK roads which would cost around £800 Million a year for motorists.

  • It is important to get a car mileage check because; such stats can show, how many more miles it can be driven without doing any expensive maintenance or vehicle part replacements such as exhaust, suspension and clutch.

  • Now a days it is difficult to find if the vehicle has been clocked or not. Even though Seats, gear lever, clutch pedal and steering wheel show clear signs of a high mileage vehicle. These things aren’t so simple, with a well-maintained vehicle that is potentially capable of covering the upper side of 100,000 miles while still looking and driving like new.

  • We recommend obtaining a car mileage check before buying a used vehicle. It is so because a car’s mileage is very closely related to the cost and running potential of the vehicle. If you buy a clocked mileage vehicle, it would cost you a lot more than buying a car with original mileage, which helps you figure out whether the used car is a good one or not.

Actual signs of clocking are hard to find now a days, because of electronic odometers. Vehicle owners can tamper their car mileage by using an illegal mileage clocking device.

It is used to add more value to their old vehicle. Read up more on How to check mileage of car online.

How to spot a clocked vehicle and check its actual mileage?

  • Firstly, check with the Car service history in V5C log book. At the time of each service usually 1 year or every 12k miles, a vehicle’s mileage is recorded, which can give you an idea of how far it has traveled.

  • Call the previous owner to check the mileage when they sold, because a fraudulent seller can replace a new service book or make changes in the existing one.

  • Check the interior of the car, sometimes you might find an old interior with less mileage number, which is highly unlikely, unless it had a SORN status.

  • Sometimes your own instinct may save you with the evidence you found with your vigilant eyes.

Safe to get a vehicle mileage check?

Finally there is always a way to safe guard yourself from a mileage clocked vehicle. Spending a small amount on Mileage History Check for a used car will save you from being fooled. Buy a Pro Check to know more about Vehicle Mileage.

We recommend you to get a free mileage check before you buy a used car, get simplified Car History Check from CarDotCheck.

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