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How to check if your car mileage is genuine?

Avoid buying a piece of junk that is about to go down and get a car mileage check to know more about your used vehicle before buying it. Not knowing the original mileage would make it difficult in case you are negotiating against the vehicle’s market value. Not knowing the right information can lead to a big loss if left unchecked, obtain a full car check to figure out the used car's features along with its road worthy conditions.

Mileage Check indications

A car mileage check indicates if the vehicle's mileage clock has tampered with, this means the actual mileage of the car would be hard to find unless there is a document such as MOT records to look into the original mileage; this means that the car can be sold at a price that has not been depreciated much, tampering with a car's mileage clock is against the law, which is why it is good to get a Car Mileage Check before you buy a used car.

Mileage History Check: 4 Things to consider

  • Check before buying a used vehicle. There have been reports that estimate over 2.3 Million clocked cars on UK roads which is a costly mistake for buyers who are looking to buy a decent car.

  • A car mileage check can number of miles it has been driven, judging by the mileage you can identify if it needs any maintenance or part replacements such as exhaust, suspension and clutch.

  • Seats, gear lever, clutch pedal and steering wheel show clear signs of a high mileage vehicle, but they can be replaced to make the car look new, always check the MOT records along with a physical inspection to check the engine parts with the help of a professional.

  • A car’s mileage is closely related to the cost and running potential of the vehicle. Buying a clocked mileage vehicle would cost you more, find a low mileage car using car mileage check.

How to tell if a car has been clocked?

  • Firstly, check with the Car service history in V5C log book. At the time of each service usually 1 year or every 12k miles, a vehicle’s mileage is recorded, which can give you an idea of how far it has traveled.

  • Call the previous owner to check the mileage when they sold, because a fraudulent seller can replace a new service book or make changes in the existing one.

  • Check the interior of the car, sometimes you might find an old interior with less mileage, which is highly unlikely, unless it had a SORN status.

  • Sometimes your own instinct may save you with the evidence you find with your vigilant eyes.

Actual signs of clocking are hard to find because of electronic odometers. Vehicle owners themselves buy an illegal mileage clocking device from stores costing hundreds to clock their mileage, adding more value to their old rusted vehicle.

Checking mileage on a used car with CarDotCheck?

Obtaining a car mileage check is easy, enter reg number on the search tab, proceed to the free check page and avoid clocked cars. If vehicle displays incorrect mileage when compared to the report, the mileage clock has been tampered. The dealer might be trying to sell a vehicle that may soon breakdown or cause other issues.

We source data from third party agencies with an intensive filter to provide quality, so that our customers have access to top notch data which is consolidated and accurate, we ensure that all data points provided are sufficient and satisfactory; this is a good way to safe guard yourself from a mileage clocked vehicle.

Spending a small amount on Mileage Checker for the used car you are going to buy will save you from being fooled. Buy our Pro Vehicle check to know about Vehicle Mileage Check.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A free car mileage check can let you in on some important information regarding your used car's mileage, which is used to determine the value of the car and to identify if the car can run for few more years or not.
Scrapping a car should be the last option when it comes to a car and depends on the car's performance, some cars go out at 60k miles and some keep going on even after 200k miles, if a vehicle has worn out completely and is not repairable, then you should scrap that car.
A fuel economy checker helps you check mileage per litre, it is named as fuel consumption in the report, where you can find out how much mileage the car gives per litre. It is based on urban areas, cold areas, and for combined areas.

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