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What is the importance of a logbook?

Buying a used car is tedious work, it can take a toll without the correct type of information, a logbook check is important in ensuring that you’re not buying a stolen car. It’s crucial that the VIN matches everywhere i.e. on the car and on the V5C, it is done to check if the car is genuine. We are only allowed to display the last 5 digits due to UK laws that maintain anonymity for certain safety reasons.

This makes it harder to clone, but it only slows it down. The more effective way to stop cloning is that people should be aware about their vehicles and do a proper logbook check before buying out of impulse. Get a detailed logbook check to verify your used vehicle.

Where to find V5C number?

V5C number can be found on the top of the document where you can see a set of numbers indicating the serial number of the document that is issued to you, this is a unique number given only to your V5C logbook, so that the DVLA can look it up whenever there is a need for it. A V5C document consists of the following:

  • Date of first registration

  • Current / Previous Registered Keeper

  • Vehicle Details comprise of the make, model, VED band, engine specs, VIN, exhaust emissions and its colour

There are forms that can be used if the registered keeper or the vehicle goes through a change, along with sections to complete if the car is scrapped, or if it’s permanently exported, which is filled out and sent to the DVLA.

V5C fundamentals when buying a car

Whenever buying or selling any vehicle, it is important that you transfer ownership properly, this is done using the V5C. While buying a used car, make sure that:

  • Seller completes new keeper section of registration certificate, both parties should sign before sending to the DVLA.

  • The seller provides you with the Green V5C/2.

  • DVLA sends you a new V5C logbook via post, check all the details, & keep it safe.

Other than the situation where the vehicle is sold, DVLA will re-issue a new registration certificate on the basis of:

  • If the vehicle is exported

  • If the vehicle is scrapped

  • If the vehicle has been modified (i.e. engine mods, lights etc.)

When will a logbook be used? Is it required?

Logbooks are used to prove your right to insure and repair the vehicle when needed, showing that you are the keeper. Police officials can request to look at your logbook if they need it. This allows them to ensure that you are the legitimate keeper or owner. Your drivers’ license is not an alternative to your logbook, please keep that in mind. Logbooks are very much required, but you could go through weeks or months without ever using it.

Where to find VIN number on logbook?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) lets us identify if a car is genuine, a.k.a chassis number, consisting of 17 unique characters. A DVLA logbook check lets you know about the logbook count along with the VIN last 5 numbers and a whole lot of other details that can help you, it shows the car’s specs along with the country of the vehicle manufacturer.

Why need a dvla v5c check online?

The vehicle logbook is issued by the DVLA, it tracks the registered keeper of a particular vehicle, the V5C can be used to find out if the vehicle is genuine or not, which is why it is essential to get a v5c check.

To request information about a vehicle, you need to fill a form from DVLA (V888). It is advised to check a used car before buying because with there are several cars with a shady VIN. Get a logbook check online to make a smarter purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Registered keeper details will be on the v5c registration document and you should never buy a used car without seeing the v5c. You can check vehicle details online using DVLA’s vehicle enquiry service if you know the make and registration number, but keeper details are much harder to verify if you don’t have a v5c check.
VIN number can be found in the vehicle details section on v5c, when you are searching for VIN online, you can only get the last 5 digits, since it is prohibited per law to disclose the Full VIN for appropriate reasons.
Yes, it is possible to scrap car without v5c, but it would need extra care on your side, since you would have to notify the DVLA with a letter informing them of the sale that occurred, with registration number, make & model. Getting a duplicate log book can help since, it would make things easier.

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A V5C logbook is usually red in colour and will have a DVLA watermark to prove its authenticity, hold the paper near light to check if the watermark is visible. Check the serial number, printed on the top right corner on the document, this would help you check if your v5c is valid.
Yes, it is possible to change the V5 details online, other than postal options, it does save a lot of paperwork and brings a lot of benefits to the buyer and the seller.
Yes, you can find the VIN Chassis Number on V5C, it is available in the vehicle details section, this can help you find out if the used car you are buying is genuine or not.

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