What Is A Cat N write off vehicle?

Cat N write off and other things to know

Understanding what is a Cat N write off is crucial since it is a description used by insurance companies to define the level of damage that has occurred to a vehicle. Such vehicles must have suffered light damage, probably in an accident, but the structural frame or chassis is NOT affected. These non-structural damages can be repaired to a roadworthy condition and put back into use.

The term ‘non-structural’ can comprise a lot of things, we now have more features and equipment in our cars like bumpers, roof panel, lights, electrics, engine and the seats. For simple damages like these, the car won’t have to pass an inspection or be re-registered before it goes back on the road.

Many insurers sell Cat N write off vehicles for scrapping or salvaging, there are also many vehicles that are safely repaired and returned to the road. Find out if your used car is a cat n write off before you buy.

Is it alright to buy a repaired write-off?

If a car has been written off, its value is reduced than what it would have been in its prime condition. Buying a repaired write off might seem tempting, but you must do your research before getting into such a deal. Due diligence is required, the repairs need to be checked and you could opt for the engineer’s report to verify the repair quality. While buying any used car, get a full vehicle check to verify the car’s history.

It’s vital to know which car parts were replaced and/or repaired, knowing that makes your car inspection easier than going over the whole vehicle. Some things to help you ascertain safety and quality of the car are; having the engineer’s report, schedule of work done, or before and after photos showing how the car was fixed and what was done.

Vehicle Inspection

If the car hasn’t been inspected, then arrange for it, inform the vehicle inspection agency that the car has been written off and repaired, it narrows down the things that need to be fixed and saves you time. Even if the car has been repaired to roadworthy conditions, it still can’t be compared to factory standards, there will always be some flaws such as badly fitted parts, misaligned panels and poor paint jobs are easy to spot for an expert’s eye.

A write-off that has been repaired properly is a great find. It is best to make sure that the car is safe, and if you feel even slightly unsure, it is good to walk away from that deal, it might just be the seller’s notion to clear that car out of his garage, which is not worth risking your life.

what is a cat n write off vehicle

Can I insure a write-off vehicle?

Its necessary to inform your insurance provider if your car has been written off. Usually, its not possible for all providers to cover a write-off, since it can get tough to verify the quality of repair work and the uncertainty of future repairs. It is good to get a written off vehicle check since some insurers would right away reject insuring a written off vehicle.

Insurers who cover a write-off vehicle request an engineer’s report for verifying repair quality and its expected that the insurance cover for would be more as compared to other cars in the market. Inform the insurance agency, if you’re the one who caused the damage in the first place. Insuring a Cat N write off vehicle might be easier when compared to a Cat S.

What you drive away with this blog

  • What is a Cat N Write Off? – Cat N write off cars are Non-Structural Damaged cars and can be fixed easily.

  • It is harder to insure a car if the car has been written off, and if the damage has been caused by you, you should inform the insurance agency.

  • Inform the DVLA if your car has been categorised as a written off or if you want to give it for scrapping.

  • Buying a repaired write off car will be cheaper than most cars, but require more inspection and thorough checking before you can buy.

"Get a Cat N Write Off report before you buy a used car to avoid buying a totaled clunker, invest properly while buying a used car".


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