What checks are done for Car Finance?

Understand the eligibility for obtaining a car finance

Understanding requisites for availing car finance

We will discuss about various things that need to be accounted, since getting a car finance requires that the finance agency go through a lot of checks that ensure the customer can repay the financial agreement. Other than that, if you are buying a used car, then there are some factors that need to be checked, such as the outstanding finance.

Let’s see what checks are done for car finance:

There are different types of car finance available, usually it may take about 1-2 business days for everything to be processed and your car finance application will be given a review. Various documents need to be submitted, such as :

  • Proof of identity and personal details

  • Driver’s license

  • Employment details

  • Proof of income

  • Credit score

  • Address history

The best car finance deals can be obtained, if you have submitted all of the information required for the finance company to approve. If they deem you as capable of paying back the finance amount.

An outstanding finance check must be considered before buying a used car, there are several factors that could make your used car purchase a sour one. Check how old the car is, the car’s mileage and if any damage has occurred externally or internally. A vehicle should be worth what you spend on it, since we all expect value from the things we invest on.

There are vehicles that may have outstanding finance on them, and if unknown by the buyer, the car could be confiscated once the time comes.

what checks are done for car finance

How to check if a car has outstanding finance?

It is best to get a car check before you buy a used car, since information is everything when it comes to buying a used car. Never buy a used car without prior research. There are consumer protection acts where, if the buyer isn’t aware of the outstanding finance issue, he could reclaim the car. Although it would take up a lot of their time and money, since they would have to fight for it legally.

If the buyer knows about the car within 6 months of the purchase, they could possibly get a refund and maybe get compensation. Get a vehicle finance check to ensure that the car you are buying is worth it. Read more on: How to check if a car has outstanding finance?

With that in mind, it is recommended to get a vehicle history check to know if there are any outstanding finance before purchasing the used car to avoid such unwanted financial issues.

Selling a car with outstanding finance

It is not right to sell a car that has remaining finance and some car sellers may not know it or hide it purposely, to take advantage of the car sale and avoid the financial baggage associated with it, this is something that needs to be checked before buying a used car.

Points to consider:

  • There are financial cases where the car could have some outstanding amount and the seller may not even know it.

  • You can also obtain other useful information like written off status, number plate history among other important things.

  • Find out the chronological age of the car, you can also check that using a free car check.

Extract: handling car finance requires due diligence

Once you get to know what checks are done for car finance, you should keep all the necessary documents ready for the finance agency to go through, this is done to conclude that you will be able to handle the financial agreement and abide by its rules.

Obtaining an vehicle finance check can help in picking the right car, a worthy investment to search for the perfect used car. It entails other crucial factors as well, such as written off status, previous keeper details, number plate change details etc. Get an vehicle finance check today to know more.

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