What’s in a vehicle history check UK?

Why a vehicle history check can help you?

A vehicle history check UK is a detailed report that can offer you information about the repair history, tax dues and vehicle specifications, If you need to know about a used vehicle then you have arrived at the right place, get to know all the important things you should be knowing in order to make an informed purchase.

Obtaining vehicle history report a.k.a VHR, is probably the best investment you can make before you invest in a used vehicle, since buying a used vehicle can be a lot of work, you need to be absolutely sure that it will be worth it in the end. The information that you require is not always free and is often quite limited, which is why it is better to get a full vehicle check to know better and buy smarter.

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What's Included?Outstanding Finance Records
Write Off Records
Stolen Records
High Risk Records
Certificate Of Destruction
Mileage History
Colour Change Details
Keeper Change Details
Plate Change History
Scrapped Status
VIC Count
VIN Last 5 Digits
Vehicle Import Status
Import Non-Eu Status
Car Valuation
Engine Number
V5C Count

And Much More!

How to generate a vehicle history check UK?

There are several trusted car data providers online, but only some can provide a full fledged, easy to understand report that helps you be prepared for your used car purchase. Enter your reg number onto the search bar that you can find on top of our page, and then hit enter, you will be taken to the free car check report, from where you can choose for a partial vehicle check or a full vehicle check depending on your needs.

It is very easy to get a Vehicle History Check, all you need is the reg number and nothing else, no sign in, no registration, you simply input the car number that you want to search and you leave with a detailed used vehicle report in your hands.

Information like outstanding finance, number plate changes, colour changes, and other necessary information can be found out which is quite useful before buying a used vehicle. Obtain a vehicle history check UK to ensure you are buying a worthy vehicle.

You can also request vehicle information from DVLA for your used vehicle.

vehicle history check uk

Authenticate using your car’s VIN

Find your used car’s VIN number and verify it against the car check report, you can find the VIN in several places, such as the door jamb on the driver’s side, or underneath the spare tire, on the bottom of the windshield, etc. Verifying the VIN assures that you have the right vehicle, since a lot of used cars are stolen and cloned. Always check the authenticity of the used car in question.

Avoid outstanding finance on vehicle

If the report tells you that there is an outstanding finance on the car and your seller didn’t mention this, think again. Try confronting the dealer and ask for a compensation on the asking price, if the seller doesn’t comply then pick a different dealer. Obtain a vehicle history check UK to find out about outstanding finance.

What if your vehicle is an Insurance write off?

Check if your vehicle has been written off, if the vehicle has endured a lot of damage in an accident, then it is prone to be written off and those type of cars must be avoided if not fixed properly. Check the MOT records and find out if the vehicle has passed the MOT test or not.

If the vehicle has been restored to its working condition from being a Cat N, then it shouldn’t be much of an issue, but if it has been done on a Cat S, then you should probably take some time to think. Get a full vehicle history check before you commit to buy.

There is a possibility that the car might be expensive due to repairs, and if those repairs are not up to factory standards, then you could be risking your lives; ensure that the vehicle passes the MOT test. In some rare cases, Cat S written offs are brought back to former glory, but it is good to be cautious and check thoroughly.

What you get away with a vehicle history check UK?

This is just an overview of the crucial information that you can get with a full vehicle history check, make sure that you check out all of the data in the report thoroughly. Obtain a vehicle history check UK before you commit to buying a used vehicle.

Use the best Vehicle History Checker

Get a vehicle history check uk and benefit from the best used vehicle history reports that give you detailed information about the used vehicle you are eyeing.

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