Used Motorcycle Valuation

How to accurately value a bike (whether you are buying or selling)

Most of us have a rough idea when it comes to used motorcycle valuation (a used bike's worth). Many bike users revert to what they had paid initially and reduce a few hundred quids for the number of years they owned it. Usually, it is not that simple, since a lot of factors come into play, and this is one of the reasons why some of us are shocked when we’re looking for a part-exchange price and the deal is priced very less.

Getting a used motorcycle valuation is much more complicated when compared to a car. Bikes often hold a larger percentage of their value for longer than most 4-wheelers if their running condition is good, such as mileage and service history, but are more prone to accidents and thus write offs. A used motorcycle valuation can help you gain insights into your purchase, helping you save money and time.

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Why opt for a used bike check?

Our used bike check reports are detailed and the data we portray is based on thousands of used bikes that are often retrieved from government databases, private sellers, and other third-party information. The used motorcycle valuation is based on several factors such as carbon emissions, mileage, and MOT advisories, which are then calculated for private sale, forecourt pricing, part-exchange pricing, etc.

All of this data lets you see if the used bike you’re eyeing is a good deal or not, used motorcycle valuation can help you check if it is around the right market price, or if it is based higher or lower. Maybe it has too many accessories or simply the deal is too expensive. Get a used motorcycle valuation check to know more about your used bike and buy smarter.

What to check while buying a used bike?

Go for a test ride

Before you visit a dealer or a private seller, do some valuable research on things to check before buying a used bike. Check out the owners’ reviews for similar bikes, and get yourself an insurance quote to better understand your budget.

Riding the machine will give you a feel of the condition of the bike. Consider the following before you check out your used bike. Check the bodywork for any fairing damage or gaps between panels, a used bike that has undergone any accident damage is hard to cover up.

Check the V5C docs

The V5C contains all the necessary information regarding the bike’s reg number, registration date, color, engine number, chassis number and the details of the registered keeper. If there is any discrepancy, in the details and what is shown before you, such as the engine or chassis number being different, walk away.

Check the bike's temperature on visit.

If the bike is cool, then nothing to worry about. If the seller has warmed it up when you arrive, then it is possible that it might have a behaving engine and probably needed some jumps to get it going. Arriving earlier than the said time is a good way of preventing this.

Check underneath the bike

Check to see if the exhaust is in good condition or not, and whether there are any oil leaks. Are there any signs of an oil drain, or any cracks in the engine armor, the radiator. It is good to check your used bike all over.

Don't believe claims, that it is easy to fix

If the bike is easy to fix, then it would have been done so. Don't go buying a lemon that you can't even fix, it would be like throwing your money down the drain with a never ending problem.

Usually a detailed report on used motorcycle valuation can let you know about nearly 90% of the problems associated with the vehicle.
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