Used Car Outstanding Finance Check

Find your used car's outstanding finance

How can I check if a car has outstanding finance?

When you decide to buy a car, then the car outstanding finance check plays a vital part while buying a used car. Always check if a car is on finance free to be free from financial and legal problems.

The reason behind why and how to check outstanding finance on cars is that it helps you reduce your overall expenses by providing an authentic report. People need to check if a car is on finance free, which is extremely essential in case of changing car with outstanding finance. For a vehicle, the registered keeper or the legitimate owner is responsible for the outstanding balance which still needs to be paid off. So, Outstanding finance of car simply refers to the amount of money which is still owed on a vehicle.

Used car buyers whether civilians or dealers can check car details online to fetch several car history reports in order to avoid problems with the help of CarDotCheck which you can trust.

Selling/Buying a car with outstanding finance?

What are the legal things to know before selling it?

Basically, there are two scenarios that occur, one where we knowingly or unknowingly buy a car with outstanding finance, and second, buying it after the finance gets cleared. If unpaid, the vehicle’s ownership will remain under the finance company or lender who could turn up at any time to claim the vehicle. These legal issues can be avoided by performing a car outstanding finance check to get rid of the unwanted financial crisis.

What are the legal things to know before selling it?

  • When you check outstanding finance on car, ask for a settlement figure from the vendor which is needed by them to pay off the balance to the respective finance company.

  • Get a proper confirmation regarding the settlement figure or the balance amount which must be completely settled before selling a car or else the details should be given to the buyer legally.

Selling a car with outstanding finance is difficult but it has to be remembered that, you can work out the deal with the buyer, by discussing how the remaining finance would be paid for. Get a car outstanding finance check so that you know just how much the you might still owe.

Problems arising due to unchecked vehicle history

There are many cases of crime, evolving these days, because of buying a used vehicle without checking the outstanding finance on car by getting a vehicle history check. Since cars with the extraordinary amount on outstanding finance are sold every day (despite the fact that doing so is illegal). A few years ago, before the online databases with genuine reports were introduced in our world people got cheated a lot easier, but now not so much. Still, many people buy cars without properly analysing and their lack of knowledge especially when buying a used vehicle leads them to several problems later on. Which is why getting a car outstanding finance check can help you avoid these problems.

check if a car is on finance

In a nutshell, why car outstanding finance check is important?

Since used cars are in demand a lot these days it is a must to go online and retrieve all the data related to a used car ranging from its financial status to body conditions which should be analysed from online databases provided by genuine car check services. Seeing these reports of a car’s history will surely save the buyer from trouble. The important thing is to check if a car is on finance.

Getting a car outstanding finance check is good for all your informational needs regarding used cars. When you get to know that the car has an outstanding finance, then the only thing you should do, is to get in touch with the finance company, as already stated above. For a clear idea on claiming the said vehicle, the financing company will let you know the balance amount for a safe purchase. Also, we can request the seller to pay the outstanding amount of the car before purchasing it.

Sometimes there will be a need for a legal advice from a solicitor when you buy a car with an outstanding finance without analysing its history correctly where you may have been cheated upon. Firstly, the finance company can only take an action if you claim that you unknowingly bought the car with outstanding finance but if that can’t be proved then the remaining amount will be your responsibility. The verdict may become against you if you don’t have enough proof and could make you lose more money for both the case and for the car. It is better to check if a car is on finance to avoid such problems.

Beware: You must have heard of Scam Dealers, and likewise they will look to make a profit when selling a car with a backdrop of any misinformation or wrong report to cheat. So, go to a genuine source of information for a genuine purchase.

It is utmost necessary that you check if a car is on finance free before you buy a used car, knowing about a used car could save you a lot of unwanted trouble regarding finances. Obtaining a car outstanding finance check can keep you out of harm’s way, more likely to help you from financial burden. There are certain checks you should take when buying a used car.

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