How can a stolen car check help?

What is a stolen number plate check?

Car theft has risen and it is not stopping anytime soon, with the ongoing rate of crime, it is best to insure your car if you are living in a shady street. The statistics released by the police this year suggests that around 300 vehicles are stolen each day. Obtain a stolen number plate check to avoid cars that are not worth your money.

Get a stolen car check to avoid buying a used car that was once stolen. What exactly is the stolen license plate check? It can give you information about your used car if you know the reg number. You can also get other important information like outstanding finance, written-off details, number plate change details and so on.

Stats on Stolen Number Plate:

Out of a 100,000 cases, there have been only a small amount of offenders who have been caught, supposedly there is a method for newer cars as well, keyless car theft which has become quite the rage in Britain.

According to the stats, around 300 vehicles are stolen per day a day in England and Wales, and a 50% rise in car theft can be observed in the last six years.

Almost everyone has fallen prey to this and it is nothing new for a car to get stolen, but why is it not taken seriously? There has been a study to find out why the figures are continuing to rise and it seems only some measures have been taken to keep car theft in check, while trying to get some information from one of the senior officers in duty, it is found that his higher authorities don’t really care about car theft, and quote, “It is not seen as a priority.”

Why aren’t the authorities-in-charge NOT responding?

To the people in charge, car theft doesn’t seem like a big thing and there seems to be a bigger force at hand, each department is only evading their responsibility to the other, the police to the crime investigation department and the crime department towards the traffic. Thefts are not being properly investigated into and it has become a growing concern.

The police and all other departments have their hands tied, criminals are using high tech gadgets to steal cars and possibly there is a big crime organisation that is responsible for salvaging the cars. The cars are being shipped to Eastern Europe or Africa, where it is dismantled and sold off.

Apparently, the amount of money involved is so huge that even low ranking criminals have the right equipment to carry out these stealth operations. The vehicles can be made to ‘disappear’ within an hour by shipping them in untraceable containers.

stolen number plate check

Keyless Car Theft and how it works

To carry out this theft, high tech equipment like transmitters and amplifiers are used for a relay theft – meaning that the frequency of the key is trapped and amplified, making the vehicle think that the key is in range. The police and other departments need to be more tech savvy if they ought to stop this.

It doesn’t take much to create these relay devices which can be used to trick the car, preventive measures are yet to held in place because people have a relaxed attitude towards car theft, since no one buys the car through savings, it is all done via PCP or some other finance contract.

There are some cases where to make a quick buck, the stolen car is sold to an unaware buyer, often high end cars that seem too easy to afford could be fishy, which is why it is best to get a stolen number plate check.

Once the insurance is claimed, the consumer goes ahead and buys another car, no one is motivated enough to get to the root of this problem. Insurance rates will rise up so high that it won’t be affordable anymore. There is no attachment to the car since it is often treated as a hire car and considering all this, it’s no surprise that car theft convictions are very low.

Lot of the heavy lifting is done by low ranking criminals who are not even part of the big picture, crime bosses never come under the limelight and even if low rung criminals are jailed, it won’t make much of a difference. There are times where the National Crime Agency targets gangs and recovers stolen cars, [Essex operation, over 16 cars worth £3mil. and £100k in cash was recovered], but these type of operations are seldom done and require lots of time to pin down and execute.

What are the benefits of a stolen license plate check?

It can really help if you know how to get out of such ordeals, information is everything when it comes to being guarded and staying safe. Obtain a stolen number plate check and figure out if the used car is worthy of buying or not. Obtain a stolen vehicle check before you buy a used car.

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