Can you scrap a car with outstanding finance?

Scrapping a car with finance

Questions are often left unanswered when it comes to scrapping, and one could often wonder, "Can you scrap a car with outstanding finance?" It is easy to scrap a car if it is yours since it can be done, but when a car is on finance, it is legally not yours and the decision can’t be made unless and until you pay up the last of the finance deal, which is why scrapping your car when you owe finance could mean trouble.

Get an outstanding car finance check to look at things you should consider. There are some options we are pointing out below, that might be helpful to you when trying to scrap a car that has outstanding finance.

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What options do we have before scrapping?

There are things we could try and some of them are:-

Settle outstanding finance to gain vehicle ownership

This is possibly the best option you could have, since you don’t own the vehicle in question, and completing your finance deal makes it easier for you to be the owner of the vehicle when your agreement period ends. Although some finance agencies may give you ownership at the end of the finance period, it is always better to check what type of contract the car is in. Research on the finance plans and make a careful decision.

Repair the car & use till the term ends

Let us consider that the car is not badly damaged and you don’t have enough money to finish off the finance term; furthermore, the repair costs aren’t that high, then you can simply get it fixed & wait it out. It is a financially sound option since the only affordable way out would be to fix the car, in situations like this.

Find a buyer to settle the finance

Sell the car to a buyer who may want it, get it fixed if the damage isn’t too much and work out a finance deal that works for both of you. A situation that works out for everybody! Make a plan and buy another car using that money.

can you scrap a car with outstanding finance

Is it ok to scrap my car with outstanding finance?

It is unlawful to sell or dispose of a vehicle having outstanding finance, it is best to scrap a car once the financial term comes to an end or have the car fixed till you can afford another car and move on. With that said, get an outstanding car finance check before buying a used car and be sure of what you are getting yourself into, since many keepers discard a vehicle with outstanding finance still on it, making it a burden for the next person to deal with the expenses.

It is best to opt for a used car with no outstanding finance since it is easier to deal with. Having a used car that is problematic would make you question your decision of buying in the first place. Research thoroughly about the used car you want and find out everything you can use for a physical inspection as well. This would help you make your decision quicker.

Can you scrap a car with outstanding finance? That would be a big no. With CarDotCheck, you can get amazingly detailed reports regarding the used car that you are trying to buy, get insights on other factors as well, such as written-off status, import and export status, colour change status and so much more. Buying a used car can be often confusing since we don't know where to look, and that is why we are here to help.

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