Number plate change history: What to expect?

Need insights on your used car's plates, get a number plate check

What is a number plate lookup?

One of the most crucial tasks involved while buying a used car, a number plate lookup can give you insights into the car’s history and other details that would definitely be of use to you while considering the best used car. Usually people don’t change their number plates too often, and you can easily find out the if the number plate has ever been changed before or not.

How can I check registration number?

Enter your used car’s reg number on the search tab and obtain a free car report before you evaluate, It is recommended that you go for a full car history check, since you could get all information in one go instead of buying it one by one. Check registration number to know more before buying the used car and get your number plate change history in no time.

How to change number plate?

Now this could mean a lot of things, like changing the existing number on a car or transferring your plate number to another car. Transferring your number plate to another car could mean using a V317 Form. Or if you are going to change the existing number to a different one, then it could be termed as personalisation of number plates, custom number plates.

If somehow the number is being transferred to someone else’s vehicle then you would need to fill up the V62 form. Head over to DVLA to know more.

6 ways to increase the value of your car

With the production of new cars being dropped to 44%, there is a demand for second-hand cars that are being sold at a fast pace. Selling a car requires some expertise in order to get the most optimal price out of the car. This requires internal and external work on the car, as well as some minute things that need to be taken care of.

number plate change history

1. Internal / External Cleaning

The car should be clean overall, it really matters how the car looks and the ambience you get from inside, since most of the experience is inside than outside, The exterior of the car maintains your social status while internal environment is important for your mental and physical well being. If a car smells like cigarettes, then a non smoker would definitely opt out of buying the car. The devil is in the details.

2. Repairing Structural Damage

The first thing to reconsider before repairing a car is that, the investment that you put on the car’s repairs should be worth spending. It is a simple analysis, if you are making a £200 investment on repairs and the car sells for £9k then it is definitely worth it. It is important that you keep the car in a good condition, it is not just for decorative purposes, but mandatory if the car has some damage that defiles its value in book and in reality.

3. Well Prepared Documents

The V5C registration document, the car history check report, the MOT history of the car, they are all crucial when you are selling a car, it adds to the value of the car, when the buyer knows that everything is picture perfect, with no sign of a flaw. Perfect documents lead to perfect sales.

4. Proper Maintenance

MOT history is important and must be considered, maintaining your car in a perfect condition makes it a highly valuable car among the cars that have no proper maintenance done, despite all the high mileages and rough usage. These things make your car more valuable.

5. Sell the whole package

Sell the whole car along with the spare parts you received such as the parcel shelf, the tool kit and the spare wheel, get the spare key as well so that there is no way the valuation can drop, strengthening this makes it easier to sell your car in a good value.

6. Authentic Mods

Making authentic mods makes it much more valuable than cheap alternative spares, buying authentic alloy wheels makes your car more valuable by the book and by looks. Always go for authentic modifications with OEM wheels, pistons, cam belts, all that jazz.

How a vehicle number plate check can help?

Obtaining a vehicle number plate check can help you a lot in knowing about the number plate change history of the car, since used cars go through a lot of hands and it is always good to know if the car was handled properly or not. A car history check is the ultimate solution to go for when you are buying a used car, get all information in one go.

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