How to get a uk car history check?

Advantages of having a car history check

If you dream of buying a car and at the same time avoid the hefty price tags and rapid depreciation of a new car then, you should go for a used car. There are plenty of used cars available for sale. You can commit to buying one according to your convenience but before you plan to buy, do make sure that you get a car history check, it will help you understand the car’s past data and you will be able to choose a quality car that is worth your money.

Benefits of getting a used car check

If you buy a car without getting a full car history check, it may get you involved you in a huge risk. You may never know the problems undergone by the car previously. Since used cars fall under many issues such as being stolen, previous owner may not have settled financial agreements, fraudulently advertised and sometimes the car you want to buy may have previously been written-off or set for scrapping etc. all these issues may trouble you later, so before you commit to buy a used car make sure you get a full car history check.

How can I get a full car history check?

By simply entering your registration number on the search tab you will be able to access all required information about any used car you want to buy. It will give you important information about the car’s past data like outstanding finance status, written-off status, colour change history, engine number etc. it will assist you to take the right buying decision related with a used car. Ergo, a used car check can get you all armed up for the negotiations and the haggling, no matter what the situation, whether you are buying or selling a car.

full car history check

14 factors to consider while getting a full car history check:

  • Outstanding finance
  • By checking the outstanding finance of the car you will know whether the car you want to buy has any unpaid finance or not.

  • Insurance write-off
  • Used cars can undergo many damages over the years, which makes the car unsafe to drive and sometimes the car could cost more to repair than its market value, in which case the insurer categorises it as an insurance write-off. So before you buy make sure you check that the car has been written off or not with a full car history check.

  • Stolen check
  • If you are buying a car without checking stolen status, you may buy a car which will later be claimed by the police, so it is better to check stolen status of the car.

  • Scrapped car check
  • Damaged cars are sometimes irreparable and need to be scrapped, you may never know that the used car you want to buy is damaged or irreparable.

  • Mileage history
  • Knowing the mileage of the car will help you know how many miles your car has been driven and could help you ascertain the age of the car.

  • Previous keeper history
  • This reveals the past keepers of the car. Once you check previous keeper history it will let you know how many keepers the car has had until now.

  • Plate change history
  • Plate change history reveals all information about previous license plate changes. And it could also indicate if the car has been involved in anything suspicious or not.

  • Car valuation
  • Knowing a used car’s valuation helps you negotiate the price of the car and avoiding paying unnecessarily by knowing the market value of the car.

  • VIN check
  • Vehicle identification number helps you protect from getting scammed. With VIN check you can easily authenticate the used car.

  • Import export status
  • Some cars are either imported or exported and have lower value due to less demand, but those cars may not be easy to service and cause you more insurance rates than normal cars manufactured in the UK. Check if your used car is imported or exported before you buy.

  • MOT history
  • It is essential that you check for the used car’s MOT records to verify if all the issues have been fixed, since a roadworthiness test can prove pretty useful to determine if the car is a good catch or not. If the car is not fixed, then you could possibly score a good deal or maybe walk away.

  • V5C count
  • A V5C count lets you know the number of previous keepers concerning the used car, since it informs about keeper details. Learn how to get a vehicle log book for your car.

  • Colour change history
  • Reveals all data about how many times the colour has changed previously and what the colour is presently.

  • Engine number
  • Lets you authenticate the used car’s engine number so that you can verify if the car was stolen or not.

In a nutshell

Knowing about your car could mean everything in buying a used car, since information is key to saving money and to make wise decisions. A used car is an important asset to your home if you need a daily runner for errands and picking up the kids from football practice. A sturdy, reliable used car that doesn’t leak money out of your pockets is the ideal car that you should research for. Get a free car history check to be geared up for your used car purchase at the dealer.

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