How to check if car is stolen by license plate?

Why get a Stolen Car Check?

Check if car is stolen before purchase, that gives you feelings of serenity that what you’re purchasing isn’t someone’s property. If it is another person’s vehicle, the police will claim it and this will leave you without a car and money. It’s rather difficult to discern whether a vehicle is stolen by taking a look at it – it could be faultlessly wiping all around like some other vehicle for instance – but what lies underneath must be found with a paid information check. This sort of data isn’t accessible for free anywhere, so know about providers claim to offer a free stolen car check.

What are the benefits of having a car check if stolen?

Free Car Check utilizes the various trusted sources to check if car is stolen or not, all you need is the registration number and you can generate the car history check easily.

All our vehicle stolen checks will check for, in addition to other things, mentioned as follows:

  • Check by registration number

  • Logbook Verification Check

  • Live Tax Status Check

  • Live MOT Status Check

With a vehicle history check you will be ready to detect a stolen vehicle, before parting along side your hard-earned cash. Stolen vehicles are notoriously hard to identify, so confirm you’re not another victim!

check if car is stolen

Things You MUST Do, Check if car is stolen before purchasing a used car :

In the UK, the onus to Check if car is stolen falls on the buyer.

Understand that regardless of whether the stolen vehicle was bought unknowingly, the police can at present claim the vehicle, and finance agencies can even request that you pay them interest for the time period that it had been on a finance plan – which is completely lawful.

When buying a vehicle there are different things that you should do as a safeguard:

Check the V5C – Ask for a duplicate of it, be aware and don’t be afraid as you’re the one to buy and you should check if the V5C is fraudulent.

Watermark – Check for the DVLA watermark to ensure that it’s an authentic report and not a fraud one.

Inspection – If you can, inspect that the VIN number matches up to those recorded on the V5C.

Check whether the seller is authentic – Ensure the seller’s area on the V5C matches their driving license, or an ID or a service bill – or preferably, each of the three.

In a Nutshell, It’s best to check if car is stolen before you buy a used car

It’s good to see if your used car is stolen before you purchase it, perform a check if car is stolen to verify and buy smart. Simply enter your registration number and obtain a stolen car check report at CarDotCheck. Check if car is stolen by performing a stolen car check and ensure that you seek out necessary details. The stolen report can assist you in staying alert before buying a second-hand car.

Performing a vehicle history check can have its benefits, it is all about having the right amount of information to manage the deal, if you know everything about the vehicle when buying a used car, then you can have a say at negotiating the price much more easily. The same thing goes for selling your used car. If somehow, you were to sell your used car without knowing the market price, buyers would not show much interest or it might take some time until you get a good deal.

“Performing a thorough research before buying or selling a used car can put you in an advantageous position, which is where CarDotCheck comes in handy.”

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