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Are you buying a vehicle that has a personalized number plate?

It is easy to find a number plate online if you know where to look at, and with a number plate search you can find out all you can know about the used car that you want to buy. Then there comes custom number plates that can cause quite a problem if they haven't been retained properly, since the numbers usually jump off a car before it gets updated.

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Selling personalized number plates is a huge business and statistics says that DVLA has raised millions of pounds for its treasury since they started selling number plates on its website and auctions in 1989. If you intend to buy a vehicle that has a personalized number plate you should be aware of the previous history of the vehicle. Some vehicle experts state that unfair dealers and private sellers are using this personalized plate change method to hide the original past of the vehicle. So it is important to perform a number plate check to know the real identity of the vehicle.

find a number plate online

There could be a sinister reason behind a car’s true identity

DVLA released statistics that it has made a revenue of £2 billion by selling personalised number plates in recent years. Vehicle information experts have been warning innocent buyers ever since DVLA started selling personalised number plates, becuase it is one of the easiest ways to hide the vehicle’s previous past.

1 in 4 used cars have at least one number plate change in history. Not all people change their plates to hide the true identity of the vehicle but unscrupulous dealers or sellers do so.

To get rid of these personalised number plate problems, vehicle information experts recommends each buyer perform a number plates search before buying it. Mostly number plate changes are made to hide the finance records, previous accidental history, cloned vehicles.

Buyers must inspect the vehicle personally and should get the proper details of the vehicle from the vehicle owner. While inspecting the vehicle make a note of the VIN and VRM number to verify with the DVLA records. If these codes don’t match with the DVLA records, you can simply walk away and never ever dream to buy that vehicle. With our registration number finder, you can easily figure out which used car to buy, based on the history that you find.

A simple vehicle check can help you avoid buying a stolen car

A free vehicle check history helps you save you from being a victim of buying a vehicle with outstanding finance, written off vehicle, or a stolen vehicle etc., so performing a simple number plates search could protect you from falling into unwanted problems and high financial losses.

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