DVLA car import check: Is it necessary?

Buying an imported car could be expensive, opt for a used one if you want to save

Necessity of an Import Check

If you have a plan on buying an imported car in the UK, then before buying the car you must perform a DVLA car import check to be aware of two main categories in imported cars namely: Grey and Parallel Imports.

Is my car an import? How can I find out?

Is it possible to know if a used car is an import, it is possible by searching a car reg number on the search tab and obtaining a report for the same. Finding out if your car is an import can be highly beneficial, since imported cars can be quite expensive to insure and harder to maintain if something goes wrong, since spare parts are hard to find. Get a dvla car import check to know more.

How to check if car is imported?

Some people voluntarily prefer import cars due to the remarkable look of the car that attracts certain individuals. Most importantly, people must do car import checks before they proceed to buy an import check car. The above-mentioned categories are described below which may help you buy the perfect used car.

Grey Import cars:

When we compare UK based cars and Imported cars from America and Japan, they will surely have some dissimilarities in hardware found within the vehicles. This is an issue that must be addressed before you will think about driving your imported car on the streets in the UK. Repair facilities are rather rare or even if found can be expensive.

Once these cars are imported, the local marketers fix the price of the car based on a varied number of reasons and the same cars could have varied prices in different areas.

Check if car is imported by performing a UK vehicle check, if the vehicle is being imported from outside the UK, then IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test must be performed. You would need to make a lot of changes in the car before you can take it out on the streets so that it can be made compatible as per UK law, such as lighting adjustments, internal equipments etc. If you buy a dvla car import check, you can then ensure if the vehicle is imported or not and that could help you in making a good informed decision.

Parallel Import Cars:

These vehicles are directly purchased from exporters within the country generally from car dealers or car showrooms and then resold, following UK guidelines. Before you decide to buy this type of car, research thoroughly and ask expert advice before the selection of the car.

The cost of a parallel import vehicle is comparably lower than a grey import vehicle. It’s often suggested to do car import check to make sure that the entirety of the car work is genuine. Parallel import cars are mostly preferred by the buyers but it is recommended to undergo all the paper works of the car to assure its legitimacy.

dvla export check

Buying a Personal Imported Car and what it entails:

Both of the import check cars have its own pros and cons so it is better to buy the personal imported cars by importing it directly into the UK on your own. Whenever a personal import is purchased it must be registered with DVLA to maintain the car legally. So, it is better to buy a personal import car.

Buying an imported car in UK is something that requires attention to detail, also being aware of the car import check history and DVLA car import check report of a car can be quite useful i.e. whether it’s been licensed or not.

If the car is not registered once it has been imported, then it’s not worth buying an imported car in the first place, so undergoing a car import check can give you enough data to discern whether the used car you want to buy is an import or not.

When the car reaches the market of UK, the importer needs to register it with DVLA to get the permanent license of the car. Save your money before you initiate your used car purchase.

Major issues behind an import car:

Check if car is imported or exported in UK, with data from DVLA car import check, which plays a vital role. This DVLA car import check helps in analysing the import check history of the car.

The information of Exported Cars will be removed by DVLA to ensure that others can’t replica the original car’s identity. While imported cars must be registered, so that they can become noticeable by DVLA.

What is the data that can be collected through DVLA import check?

Free car import check provides if the car was imported or exported, along with that you can also get:

  • Valuation information along with keeper change details, but owner information cannot be provided, since it is confidential and if necessary

  • Information regarding the car owner must be requested by a V888 form to DVLA in order to collect the details of the owner. It is possible to check if car is imported based on the registers maintained by DVLA.

  • The driver registers of car import check hold the driver’s details along with the medical information required to analyse the driver’s ability to drive.

The vehicle register of DVLA holds the details of a vehicle’s registered keeper and also helps in checking the number of previous car owners.

In a nutshell, What benefits can I expect from a Car import check?

Car Import Check gives complete status of the import/export details of the car, and we must be aware of these details before we import or export a car. Proper registration must be done through DVLA, which safe-guards us from legal issues.

Imported cars can be harder to insure or more expensive, which is how an import check could really be useful to you, since it could affect your car buying decision and possibly save you time and money.

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