The best time to buy a car: Off Season

Why should I buy Off Season?

The best time to buy a car is a question held by many but seldom answered, August comes off as a great month to buy used cars, since dealers start making way for newer cars that are bound to arrive in September, and children are going back to school as well. For many parents it would mean dropping them off to their schools, soccer practice and more, so it is only sensible to invest in a used vehicle that you can buy at an affordable price.

There are times where you would have to buy a car for your teen, because you are not occupied with work, and you need a safe and reliable vehicle for them. August marks a great month for buying cars as it is the time when car manufacturers, as well as dealerships, are pushed to move their existing inventory due to year-end cars being launched.

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Usually families are on summer vacation during August, and it is highly likely that dealerships will have no customers at all, it is a great time to go look for a deal as, dealers make their money about of selling the cars, new model end cars arrive and the used cars become less wanted. They will be definitely looking for a sale.

Research well before buying a used car

Conduct good research into different cars and what would be more suitable for you, since you don’t want to end up buying a sports car when you have a family of four. It just wouldn’t make sense. In doing so, you could get a hang of it, and will become knowledgeable to make an informed decision while buying a used car. Buy a used car that fulfills your purpose.

Dealers are often open to negotiation and the deals must be closed off since new cars are set to arrive in August, so it is best to research about the car and buy the best one that suits you, as well as something that is financially worth your spending.

buying a used car off season

How can I know more about my used car?

Get a car history check to figure out if the used car you want to buy matches your needs, with the used car report in your hands, you can plan to negotiate better before going to the dealer, since knowing a car inside and out can let you bargain a little better, a 5 year old heavily used car or a written off could be a bad sell compared to a well managed 3 year old car.

There are a lot of things to consider like mileage and the car’s working condition before you make the decision, and that’s where the report comes in.

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