Avoid scrapped car scams

Learn more about scams and know how to avoid them using prime checks

Things you can do to avoid scrapped car scams

Car Scams can be found even to this day and everyone can stay safe if they are aware of the methods and techniques involved. It is often found that people are generally uninformed, which poses a risk while buying a used car. Always check if a vehicle has been scrapped to be informed about your used car’s status. Scrapped car scams can be avoided if you know how to tackle them.

Why is it important to check if a car is scrapped?

It is essential to check if a car is scrapped before buying, since a lot of used cars have either been involved in an accident or have been set for scrapping during end of life, take a scrapped car check report to know more.

Approach an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)

Check to see if the car is listed as scrapped because an authorised treatment facility is a place certified by the DVLA to process end of life vehicles (ELV), and usually they have a list of the cars that came for scrapping.

Lots of Research

The most tedious part of buying a used car is that we must do a lot of background check to ensure that the car is not actually part of a scam and that the purchase would be genuine. Take a vehicle history check to know more about the vehicle’s history.

Check CoD (Certificate of Destruction)

A Certificate of Destruction is received when a car is scrapped in the UK, proving that you don’t have any further responsibility for the vehicle. Once the certificate has been received, the vehicle and your ownership of it is considered de-registered in DVLA records. Performing a car check can keep you safe, since used cars could be worn out breaching the safety standards as prescribed by the DVLA. It is important to maintain the safety of ourselves and that of the pedestrians as well.

check if car is scrapped

The “Buyer waiting” scam

One of the most common scams that occur and that people have witnessed, when they post an ad about selling their car, this caller pretends to be a vehicle agency and expect a finder’s fee which is a relatively small amount when compared to the car’s selling price. Everything seems to be fine until you know that there is no prospective buyer at all.

This leaves you vulnerable to attacks since even your bank details get sold out, your information is leaked out and you are minus a few hundred quids for that finder fee. Don’t give out too much information since, if a buyer is really interested, then he/she would directly contact the seller instead of going for a third party.

Virtual vehicle scam and how to stay safe

This scam is popular in used car scams because the vehicle you want to buy is not real and the advertisement has been copied from somewhere. Virtual vehicle scam involves placing an online ad in popular car trading sites and the main purpose is to get money from an eager buyer via act of fraud.

How the scam works?

The ad is supposed to attract a buyer by posting an in-demand car according to the current trend, with an average mileage and an affordable price tag that is slightly lower than the market value – scammers know that too low of a value will easily be sniffed out. An online ad copied from a verified source and using a car, clear from finance, the scammer asks interested buyers to contact directly via email, while avoiding safer contact methods like in person meeting or phone calls.

Scammer makes it seem that the car is being sold by a dealer, and the number will either go to voicemail while a personal email is supplied to you instead. The scammer will try to extract money and bank details once he finds out that you are eager to buy the car.

Never make quick decisions, there is no limited offer that will go away with time. Be steady in your thoughts and ask questions if your purchase is worthy, never buy on an impulse. Learn how to check if a car is scrapped, before you buy.

Other things to worry about

Other than the fact that you may get duped, there is also the risk of letting out your bank information which could be used for wrong purposes and possible your money might be extracted too if you are not careful enough. Always check if a car is scrapped before you end up with a mess that is too tough to handle.

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