vehicle history check uk

What’s in a vehicle history check UK?

07 JAN 2021

A vehicle history check UK is a detailed report that can offer you information about the repair history, tax dues and vehicle specifications, If you...

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what is a credit sale agreement

Credit Sale Agreement : Car Finance

23 DEC 2020

While buying a new or used car, it is possible that you might go for a car finance agreement (credit sale agreement, lease, conditional sale etc.,..

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what is a cat n write off vehicle

What Is A Cat N write off vehicle?

22 DEC 2020

Understanding what is a Cat N write off is crucial since it is a description used by insurance companies to define the level of damage that has occurred...

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learn about personalised number plates

Learn about different types of personalised number plates

21 DEC 2020

There have been several formats in UK for registration plates, namely prefix, suffix and the one being used currently is the infix format. Now, you can also...

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what is a conditional sale agreement

What is a Conditional Sale agreement?

18 DEC 2020

Knowing what is a conditional sale agreement can help you buy your used car easily, Conditional Sale, is often related to Hire Purchase, and is also one of the most common ways to...

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outstanding finance check

How to check if a car has been written off?

17 DEC 2020

Learn how to check if a car has been written off, for a better used car buying experience, Generally, buying a car which has been written-off could be rather expensive...

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outstanding finance check

Buying a car with hire purchase

16 DEC 2020

Buying a car with hire purchase is one of the most easiest car finance plans that can help you get the car you want and the option to buy the car at the end of...

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stolen number plate check

How can a stolen car check help?

15 DEC 2020

Car theft has risen and it is not stopping anytime soon, with the ongoing rate of crime, it is best to insure your car if you are living in a shady....

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free vehicle history check

Get a free vehicle history check before buying a used car

14 DEC 2020

First you must check MOT history online – for free, yes, you can get a MOT history for free! A free vehicle history check provides the complete MOT history....

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avoid a car import scam

How to avoid a car import scam?

11 DEC 2020

While buying make sure that you check if car is an import or not, Avoid a car import scam by following some guidelines that we have listed for you,....

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scrapped car check

How to find out if a car has been scrapped?

10 DEC 2020

One should know how to find out if a car has been scrapped, to see if it has been damaged beyond repair or not, it is not easy to check if a car has been scrapped,....

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check if car is imported

Check if car is imported before you buy

09 DEC 2020

While importing a vehicle in UK, the road tax must be paid properly, you can’t use any car on public roads until you have paid the excise duty for it, VAT,....

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check if a car is scrapped

Avoid scrapped car scams

08 DEC 2020

Car Scams can be found even to this day and everyone can stay safe if they are aware of the methods and techniques involved. It is often found that people are,....

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free car history check

Car History Check in UK

07 DEC 2020

A car history check is a used car check report that can give you a bundle of information that you could keep in your arsenal while hunting for the best,....

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number plate change history

Number plate change history: What to expect?

04 DEC 2020

One of the most crucial tasks involved while buying a used car, a number plate lookup can give you insights into the car’s history and other details that would definitely,....

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outstanding finance check

What checks are done for Car Finance?

02 DEC 2020

We will discuss about various things that need to be accounted, since getting a car finance requires that the finance agency go through a lot of checks that ensure,....

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dvla scrapped car check

DVLA scrapped car check: Why go for one?

30 NOV 2020

A DVLA scrapped car check can let you know if the car was set for scrapping or not, if a car has been written off, then it must be either fixed, salvaged or scrapped off,....

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dvla car import check

DVLA car import check: Is it necessary?

27 NOV 2020

If you have a plan on buying an imported car in the UK, then before buying the car you must perform a DVLA car import check to be aware of....

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car history check

Check if car has been written off

23 NOV 2020

Buying a used car with unseen damages may involve you in a huge risk which later on can bring unwanted trouble with the used car, so before buying any used car, check if car has been written off,....

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car history check

What is a UK car history check?

20 NOV 2020

Getting a car history check can keep you informed and this information is what helps in buying a used car is a pain that nobody would want to bear, there is a lot of work that goes into....

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check if a car has outstanding finance

How do I check if a car has outstanding finance?

17 NOV 2020

While getting a used car, it is best to check if a car has outstanding finance, since some used cars are sold without even checking these important things....

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check if car is stolen

How to check if car is stolen by license plate?

11 NOV 2020

Check if car is stolen before purchase, that gives you feelings of serenity that what you’re purchasing isn’t someone’s property. If it is another person’s vehicle,...

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check outstanding finance on car

How to check outstanding finance on car?

05 NOV 2020

It is better to analyze the outstanding finance on car before deciding to buy a used car. The necessity of performing the car outstanding finance check,...

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full car history check

How to get a uk car history check?

04 NOV 2020

If you dream of buying a car and at the same time avoid the hefty price tags and rapid depreciation of a new car then,...

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outstanding finance check

Used Car Outstanding Finance Check

03 NOV 2020

When you decide to buy a car, then the car outstanding finance check plays a vital part while buying a used car. Always check if a car is on finance free,...

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full vehicle check

A guide for buying repaired written-off vehicles

27 OCT 2020

Buying a good conditioned vehicle at an affordable price is a bit difficult thing. Sometimes knowing the real structural condition of a vehicle may be very hard,...

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Blog Title

Check if a car has been scrapped and why it’s important?

23 OCT 2020

One of the easiest ways to check if a car has been scrapped is with a scrapped car report that can let you know if your used car has been scrapped or not, along...

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How to check car chassis number in UK?

17 SEP 2020

Before buying a used car it is necessary to find out what the VIN number is. This is a unique number that reveals the full history of a used vehicle...

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