Get a free vehicle history check before buying a used car

What is a vehicle history check?

First you must check MOT history online – for free, yes, you can get an MOT history for free! A free vehicle history check provides the complete MOT history of the vehicle along with tax details.

Before buying a used car, it is significant to take a free vehicle history check to know all the information regarding the vehicle you intend to buy. Before that you should check the MOT history to ensure the safety of the vehicle first.

A free vehicle history check can reveal you more than what you know from a free MOT check but ensuring safety of the vehicle is the foremost thing before knowing other things about the vehicle.

What can a free vehicle history check provide you?

A free vehicle history check can reveal information such as outstanding finance records, mileage anomalies if any, write off status, Scrap and status, Stolen records, previous keeper change list, number plate and color change details and much more with free check information.

Sometimes analyzing an MOT history thoroughly could protect you from buying a bad conditioned vehicle. It can also be known as the vehicle about to be scrapped. But most of the time you are not able to find the true vehicle identity by performing a free MOT history check. Because you may not know the current status of the vehicle if the MOT is not tested recently.

If the MOT tested before few months ago any might have happen in between the last MOT and the present time. The vehicle might have faced a severe accident and repaired completely to attain the road condition means this information might not be stated in the MOT history. Or if the vehicle is going to get scrapped means that information is will not mentioned in the MOT history.

We all know that most of the times MOT test passed vehicle contains a lot of advisory items, sometimes is can be resolve but if it cannot be resolved means that where the place you can make a note to negotiate at the time of purchase.

free vehicle history check

A few examples of advisories of MOT test passed vehicle:

  • Poor condition of front exhaust

  • Severely cracked and low inner edge of tyres.

  • Leakage of Oil

  • Brake discs stating to rust

  • Nearside Brake pipe slightly corroded front to rear

What you can do before buying a used car?

Checking an MOT history alone is not an alternate for a complete free vehicle history check, but it can only ensure the safety condition of the vehicle but cannot help you to get rid of the problems apart from MOT history and service records.

Before buying a vehicle you must check vehicle details which you have got online with the original documents of the vehicle. You must ask the vehicle owner to provide service history receipts, V5C logbook, proof of identity to make a double confirmation. Only after getting satisfied with vehicle conditions and previous vehicle history you can make the complete payment.

Buying from an authentic car dealer is much more better off than buying it from a private sale, since private sale doesn’t cover all the risks associated with buying a used car.

A full vehicle check before buying helps to enjoy your ride without any problems.

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