Check if car has been written off

Understand how an insurance write-off check can help

Buying a used car with unseen damages may involve you in a huge risk which later on can bring unwanted trouble with the used car, so before buying any used car, check if car has been written off, which can assist you in grasping everything about the car’s written off status.

What is a car write off check?

Mostly used cars suffer severe damages which is sometimes irreparable or the repair costs more than the current value of the car. The car won’t be roadworthy if the insurance assessor has examined and considered it as totaled off. Once this has been assessed the car will be sent for scrapping. The car could either be salvaged for parts or totally crushed off depending on the damage.

Once you check if car has been written off, you will have the complete knowledge about the car written off status, it may assist you in knowing about car scrap history.

Written off Status can be categorized into 4 parts:

Category A, B, C and D since 2017, C and D have been replaced by Cat S and N

  • Category A:

  • Cars that fall under this category cannot be repaired and no parts of the car can be salvaged so, without any consideration it must be crushed. All parts of the car may have severe damages so the only option is to crush the car.

  • Category B:

  • In this category the usable parts of the car can be recycled as spare parts, but the whole car cannot be repaired, the rest of the car will have to be crushed.

  • Category S (Structural) formerly Cat C:

  • Cars under this category may have structural damages which can be repaired but the cost of the repair will be far more than its current value. Mostly the only reason for someone to fix a Cat S car may be the sentimental attachment or lack of options, otherwise it is best to salvage and go for another used car.

  • Category N (formerly Cat D):

  • This category car may have the least severe damages like small dents and scrapes, since the damage is only Non-Structural, the car can be repaired pretty easily and it can be roadworthy again.This is most recommended category to purchase if the car has been written off, so while getting car write off check make sure that the car is none other than category D.

insurance write off check

How to check if car has been written off?

Before you commit to buy a used car, it is best to check if car has been written off. It is an important task which eases your buying process and is more easy than you think.

  • Go to the home page and click the search bar to enter the reg number.

  • Enter the car reg number on the search bar to get a free vehicle history report.

  • It will navigate you to the free report page where you will get all the required information about any used car you want to buy.

  • Here you will find a wide number of car history details. such as MOT history, written-off status, outstanding finance, tax status, mileage status, engine number, colour change status etc. Go through all the available options to know the complete history of the car.

  • Once you get insurance write off check make sure you understand each option so that it can guide you in making the right buying decision.

  • While it is best to check if car has been written off, make sure you know the which written-off category your car falls under.

Benefits of insurance write off check:

  • After getting an insurance write-off check you will have a clear idea about the car’s previous accidents and damages which can help you choose the right used car for you.

  • CarDotCheck eases your used car check buying process and assists you to face used car related issues.

  • You will have access to all the required information regarding the used car such as the car’s written-off status, along with crucial things like MOT history, outstanding finance, mileage history, colour change history, engine number etc.

Why you should get a write off check?

Buying a used car can seem like a challenging process because you never know if your used car has been written off, if it has outstanding finance and the lot, which is why buying a car without getting a write off check, can prove hazardous.

A write off check is enclosed in a Full car check and that is why you can know all necessary details if you obtain a car write off check.

Used cars may undergo many technical issues after accidents and have unseen damages such as sputtering, leaking battery, poor fuel line (fuselage break), tilted steering, wheel shaking etc. which could ruin your driving experience and may be life threatening if not fixed.

Things to consider while getting insurance write off check

  • Previous accident

  • Car category

  • Spare parts details

  • Current market valuation

Conclusion: Why it is important to check if car has been written off

If you want to avoid expensive new cars, then it is better to go for a used car along with getting an insurance write off check, with which you can buy your favourite used car under a budget that fits you. Before you check if car has been written off, You should have the right level of knowledge about what is the previous history of the car and why you should get it.

It is advisable to check your used car before buying, get a proper inspection done and check if it’s roadworthy.

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