Check if a car has been scrapped and why it’s important?

Get to know if your used car is scrapped

Reveal your car’s scrapped status online

One of the easiest ways to check if a car has been scrapped is with a scrapped car report that can let you know if your used car has been scrapped or not, along with many other interesting details. Usually there is a lot of research that needs to be done before you can be sure about the vehicle.

Nobody invests without some prior research, whether the car will be cost effective while getting the job done or not. Is it comfy enough for long travels, short commutes and football practice runs. A car will only be set for scrapping once it is written off and a decision has been made to get rid of the car, the car could either be salvaged or crushed completely.

What is a certificate of destruction?

A certificate of destruction is a document provided by the DVLA to indicate that the car will be destroyed and the name will be taken off their list of registered vehicles, this is done whenever we sell a car to ATF or salvage it for parts. DVLA sends this certificate to the ATF or otherwise known as Authorised Treatment Facility. The person who held the vehicle before transferring to the ATF will also receive a copy of the CoD.

how to find out if a car has been scrapped

What does a Certificate of Destruction provide?

The certificate of destruction (CoD) tells whether the DVLA has issued a CoD for that particular vehicle. Usually a car set for scrapping finds it way back to the roads by swindlers, because they try to sell cars not worth their price in huge amounts for profiteering. This certificate confirms that the used car is not on the road. Buying a car with a certificate of destruction must be avoided, since the previous owner might be trying to illegally sell a vehicle that has been set for scrapping in the past.

While buying a used car, it is best to obtain a CoD check on the used car before you buy. Along with the CoD check you can also get plenty of other information that could be useful for you to ascertain if the vehicle is worthy of your expenses. Know More: Scrapped Car Check

Why get a CoD check? Should I check if car has been scrapped?

It is rather uncommon but not impossible, which is why it is good to check if a car has been scrapped, since spending your all of your money on a used car requires a thoughtful decision. You need to be sure that it is worthy of your time and money. Used cars have a lot of history and instead of driving around in a dangerous car, for both the pedestrian and you, get a scrapped car report and check if a car has been scrapped.

How to check if a car has been scrapped and why it’s beneficial?

Enter your registration number to check if a car has been scrapped, head over to the search tab and enter your reg to get the full report on your used car, get a detailed car history check to help you out while buying a used car. Along with full car checks, CarDotCheck also provides free car checks for people who would like to view the MOT history of their used cars.

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