How to check car chassis number in UK?

Is it mandatory to check car chassis number?

Before buying a used car it is necessary to find out what the VIN number is. This is a unique number that reveals the full history of a used vehicle. So, we advise you not to buy a used vehicle without having the following information.

Why VIN Check is important?

There are conditions throughout which you may want to paint out an automobile’s VIN due to the fact that many information registries use it to file information on the automobile’s records. If you’re involved in shopping for a second-hand car, check car chassis number to know your used car’s history and locate facts of its preceding owners, accidents, and upkeep.

You will additionally decide if the producer had ever issued a don’t forget of the automobile and whether or not the one upkeep has been made. Police usually do a VIN check to identify if the cars was ever stolen. It is always good to check car chassis number before you proceed to buy a used car. Only last 5 digits of the VIN/Chassis number are revealed as per UK Law.

5 Things that can be revealed by performing a VIN check

  • Odometer rollback

  • You can protect against Odometer fraud by comparing the information on the history report and therefore the car itself to create sure they both match.

  • Tire modifications

  • Another thing you wish to note while observing the used car is how long before you would like to switch the tires.

  • Accident history

  • When you have decided to appear after the history report, the initial inspection you would like to think about is that if there are serious accidents. If you’re undecided, have an experienced mechanic to seem after the vehicle within the first place.

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Ownership

  • If you notice massive differences and bodywork on a vehicle, then it is a sign of inadequate maintenance and ownership. Right off the bat, ask the owner if they’re the owner of the vehicle.

  • Body Damages

  • Examine the car if its body matches the general structure. Open and shut the door and window a pair of times to confirm the door closes properly and features are correct

chassis number check

4 Places to find chassis number

Let’s have a glance at the few common places to find Chassis number.

From the Dashboard – This is that the easiest method to trace the VIN is true on the down left corner of the dashboard.

Door on the driver’s side – If you open the door on the driver’s side and it appears at the ends of the door jamb for a little white label, you’ll be ready to see the VIN.

Open the hood – You’ll just open the hood and have a glance at the front of the engine to look at the VIN number.

Spare Tire – You may look within the area where the spare tire is usually kept to ascertain the VIN.

So, it is must to get a vehicle information check of a used vehicle to know about the full history of a car.

Avoid buying a Stolen Car with a VIN check

It is advised to check car chassis number since a lot of cars in the market are stolen and the VIN of the car is changed to match another, this helps swindlers create a perfect copy of a car that may have no MOT issues, it is called cloning and is a scam that needs to be avoided. Avoid this scam by getting a VIN check.

Why a Vehicle information check could help?

Performing a vehicle information check can assist in buying a used car, since a VIN helps you authenticate the car and this is very much essential before initiating a used car purchase. Check car chassis number to ease your mind and understand your used car better, since a lot of them are either stolen, cloned and have a lot of issues that can only be dealt with proper identification of the vehicle.

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