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Car Tax Check helps save unwanted expenses and gives better clarity in terms of buying options.

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In how many ways can they tax my car in UK?

Amongst all the congestion charges and the ultra-low emission zones being put into practice, money just seems to be flowing out of our pockets, but the information is everything and knowing how to tackle such taxes is done via gearing yourself with information that helps you.

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), however normally called Car Tax or Vehicle Tax, is a major running expense with vehicles. The carrying rates are dependent on the CO2 emissions, cost of the car, which could amount to £2,000 or more so depending upon the nature of the car, whether it is increasing, contingent upon how naturally compatible the vehicle is, with the standard UK regulations.

Vehicle Tax (Car Tax Check etc.) must be paid for all vehicles enrolled in the UK, driven on or kept on an open street. Picking the correct vehicle can have a major effect on your tax costs.

Besides, picking a low-tax vehicle could mean it holds its worth better as more individuals will be willing to get it. Supposing that a used vehicle bought recently, which was previously kept idle, must also be applied for a new Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) since it is being handed over to a new owner.

It is standard procedure to let DVLA know about the vehicle that is being kept off road, if you have bought a vehicle and wish to keep it off road, a SORN application must be filed.

  • The cost of car tax (Vehicle Excise Duty) relies upon vehicle age and its engine size or certified CO2 emissions. Since April 2017 it relies upon the vehicle's price when new, as well.
  • The official CO2 figure for your vehicle will be present in the V5C. It is a must to be measured ever since the UK regulations deemed it necessary.
  • Paper tax discs issuing was stopped from 1 October 2014 by the DVLA
  • Check the tax assessment of any vehicle (car, minivan, motorbike, etc.) – all you need is the vehicle’s make and vehicle registration number.
  • Cars first registered before 1 March 2001 will be levied Car Tax
  • Present procedures for car tax

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Details of Present Car Tax Procedures

If you intend to buy cars registered since 1st of April 2017 up until now, then:

  • VED for first-year cars (VED paid upon first enrolling) is calculated on CO2 figures.

  • £145 fixed rate applies to all vehicles except the ones with CO2 emissions of ‘0’ for which the rate is £0.

  • An additional charge of £320 a year applies to cars with a list price of over £40,000 in the first 5 ‘standard rate years’.

  • For new diesel cars that don't meet the latest (RDE2) emission standards, the first year rate assumes that the CO2 emissions are one band higher than indicated by official figures. (Cars that meet RDE2 aren't expected to be available until 2019 at the earliest).

  • Alternative fuel cars (tax class 59) pay £10 less than the First year and standard rates below.

New diesel cars and varying taxations

In the budget of 2017, The Chancellor declared an expansion in the primary year VED rate for new diesel vehicles initially enlisted after 1 April 2018. The emissions test that Euro 6 diesel vehicles need to go before they are approved for purchase incorporates a more demanding, on-road 'Real Driving Emissions (RDE)' test from September 2017. This test is set to become even more stringent from January 2020 when 'RDE step 2' comes into force.

To urge vehicle manufacturers to present cleaner RDE2 diesel earlier, diesel cars first enrolled after 1st of April 2018 will be one band higher than in the table shown and they are based on the CO2 emissions that dictate the VED rate for diesel cars, unless the car was approved to the RDE step 2 standards.

CO2 emissions First year rate*
(2019 rate**)
Standard rate
(2019 rate**)
0 £0 (£0) £0 (£0)
1-50 £10 (£10) £140 (£145)
51-75 £25 (£25) £140 (£145)
76-90 £105 (£110) £140 (£145)
91-100 £125 (£130) £140 (£145)
101-110 £145 (£150) £140 (£145)
110-130 £165 (£170) £140 (£145)
131-150 £205 (£210) £140 (£145)
151-170 £515 (£530) £140 (£145)
171-190 £830 (£855) £140 (£145)
191-225 £1240 (£1280) £140 (£145)
226-255 £1760 (£1815) £140 (£145)
256+ £2070 (£2135) £140 (£145)


* For diesel vehicles first enlisted after 1 April 2018, the CO2-based first year rate of VED will be one band higher than what appeared in the table except if the vehicle was affirmed to the RDE stage 2 principles.

** 2019 rates apply from 1 April 2019

Vehicle Excise Duty for vehicles first enrolled between 1 March 2001 and 31 March 2017
  • Your vehicle will be categorized as one of a progression of groups dependent on authority CO2 emanations.

  • An alternate first-year rate, payable from the start enrolment just and now and again called the 'showroom charge', was presented in 2010.

  • Pre-2018/19 rates are demonstrated uniquely for correlation purposes

  • 12 month single installment rate. Elective fuel vehicle (charge class 59) limits were/are £10 all autos 2015/20

  • 2 Included vehicles delivering over 225g/km and first enlisted between 1 March 2001 and 23 March 2006.

Car Tax for Cars first enrolled before 1 March 2001

Vehicle assessment depends on motor size, as official CO2 information wasn't commonly accessible. In this way, if the motor is:

  • 1549cc or littler: £155 per year (£160 2019/20 rate)

  • Bigger than 1549cc: £255 per year (£265 2019/20rate)

Car Tax Exemption

Cars built before the 1st of January 1979 are exempt from 1 April 2019.

The age old question of whether it is Car Tax or Road Tax?

Cars started being taxed in 1920 as local councils had to start registering all vehicles. It was called Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and was based on horsepower. Tax discs were later introduced in 1921.

This new tax was first utilised for infrastructure and maintaining roads. As it was paid directly into the ‘road fund’ it was known as the Road Fund License or road tax.

In 1936, road works were being paid for by government grants. As the road fund wasn’t needed any more, it was cancelled in 1955. So while it might have been right to refer to it as road tax or the Road Fund License before 1936, this hasn’t been the situation since.

When did DVLA stop issuing Car Tax discs?

Probably the greatest change in DVLA history was the nullification of the 93-year-old tax disc, on 1st of October 2014.

Likewise, the DVLA currently issues programmed discounts on Car Tax – for any full months left – to the registered owner of the vehicle, when it was sold, scrapped or a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) was made. Before, when you purchased a used car, the tax disc and any existing tax remained valid.

How can CarDotCheck Help with Car Tax Check?

Performing a Car Tax Check at CarDotCheck provides you with all the necessary information needed before buying a used car.

A Car Tax Check unveils important information about the car’s tax details such as VED CO2 Tax, whether it is has a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) etc., either way getting information about the vehicle tax improves your know how and makes it easier to negotiate the buying price from the dealer involved.

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