Car Owner Check

Find Previous Keeper with reg number

What is a car owner check? Is it possible to find out who owns the car?

In Car Owner Check, you can find out the last date of transfer for the used car (from the previous keeper) that you are looking to buy, personally identifiable information such as name or address of the owner or keeper is not revealed, It is against the law to disclose such information.

Vehicle Owner Check

It is however possible to find the car owner if a request is made to the DVLA with an appropriate reason, by filling out the V888 form and sending it to the same.

What is a Previous Car Keeper Check?

A Previous car keeper check lets you know the number of previous car keepers the used car has had, more the previous keepers there are to a vehicle, the less significant the vehicle will appear to the customers. Know that the number expressed in the vehicle’s logbook is precise, and a previous car keeper check gives this confirmation to you, the customer.

Perform a Previous car keeper check to know more about your used car’s handlers

How to find out Registered Keeper Check

As a major aspect of buying used vehicles, previous car keeper checks offered at CarDotCheck offers the perfect game-plan to take before purchasing any used vehicle, whether it is a car, minivan or a motorbike. It is easy to find car keeper by registration number i.e. date of last transfer, the previous car keeper check details can be obtained via CarDotCheck Used Car Check Reports.

Previous Car Keeper Check History

It is imperative that you check a vehicle’s previous keeper count to know whether your vehicle in question has been maintained properly or not. Moreover if a vehicle’s logbook matches the records, then it mostly means that there is nothing much to worry about. When the time comes that you feel like moving onto another vehicle, this count could mean all hell breaks loose for you, since buyers don’t like that fact that there have been so many keepers before you.

If a lot of keepers have jumped from this car to another then that could also be troublesome, since it would be an indicator of how the car has had many issues in the past, and the people have tried to disown it after knowing that it is just a lemon after all.

Let us say for an example, if a vehicle has more number of keepers it is considered to be an unreliable vehicle to buy. CarDotCheck recommends not buying a vehicle if it has 4 or more number of keepers.

Previous Car Keeper Check History

Our previous car keeper checks utilize firm information from trusted sources. Our report gives exceptionally exact data, so you can confirm that it also coordinates the data given by the dealer.

Knowing all this information keeps you at bay from events that may lead up to complicated situations wherein you may get into a financial loss because of a car that is of no value to you anymore due to certain consequences, a car’s previous keeper check can reveal a lot about the car. A used car may have belonged to a felon or may have been involved in some criminal activity, it is always best to avoid such cars in the first place.

CarDotCheck helps you find car keeper history through our Previous Car Keeper Check. We provide top-notch car history checks with quality data that is quick & accessible from all medium.

How to calculate previous Keepers?

If you notice that Vehicle you want to buy has 3 previous keepers means that there are 3 former keepers plus you have to add the current keeper of the vehicle. Then you will become the 5th keeper of the vehicle, if you want to sell, the new buyer becomes the 6th keeper of the vehicle.

CarDotCheck recommends that it is good to buy cars with less than 2 keepers, because not every driver cares about the maintenance of the car. So we must be aware of the number of previous car keepers. Buy our Prime check to know more about the previous car keeper’s history.

Why perform a Previous Car Keeper Check?

Checking the car’s previous keeper history is an important data to verify before buying a car. It could save your time by helping you make a quick decision whether to buy it or not. Before spending your hard earned money, it is highly recommended to get a full vehicle history report. More over getting keeper information of the vehicle gives more confidence for the buyer to proceed with the buying.

By going through a previous car keeper check you can find if the used car is worth buying or not, since buying a used car with too many previous keepers could wreak havoc. Previous car keeper check could help solve this problem and let you find the best car for you.

Why everyone should invest in a previous registered keeper check?

You can request DVLA by completing V888 form to know about the previous registered keeper for the used vehicle. There might be a chance of getting or not getting the information based on your listed reason. At CarDotCheck we make your searches quick and simple with just a car registration number, however we can only provide the last date the used car was transferred in, find car keeper using our Previous Car Keeper check.

If the maintenance work has been done before, you can find that in the service record. Then check with the previous keepers about the maintenance work. It is also simple to check, if a car has gone through maintenance work in more than 3 or 4 different places, then it means that the car has had 3 or 4 previous keepers. Buy a Previous Car Keeper Check via CarDotCheck to know more about the valuable details of the vehicle you are going to buy.

Is it possible to Find Car Owner By Registration Number?

It is not possible to find car owner by registration number as per UK laws, since they prohibit from disclosing any personal identification of the owner of the car. However, with the previous car keeper check you can find the number of previous registered keepers who had used the car before.

What our previous car keeper check reveals?

It is essential information that you must check before buying a used vehicle. Latest vehicle reports say that an estimated 2.3 Million clocked cars are on the UK roads which would cost around £800 Million a year for motorists

  • Number of Previous Keepers

  • Previous keeper registration dates

  • Previous keeper sold dates

  • Current keeper Registration date

  • Current keeper Details

Taking a previous keeper check reveals number of previous keepers and the dates on which the used car was handed over to the previous keeper. Get a free car check on a used car to verify its worthiness, then take a full car check to affirm your decision.