Car Owner Check

Find Previous Keeper details with reg number

How to find out who owns a car?

A Car Owner Check can come in quite handy, find car owner by registration number to know the last date of transfer for the used car (from the previous keeper) that you are looking to buy.

Personally identifiable information such as name or address of the owner or keeper is not revealed, It is against the law to disclose such information.

Previous Vehicle Owner Check

It is however possible to find the car owner if a request is made to the DVLA with a feasible reason, fill the V888 form and send it to them. Owner need not be a keeper of the car and this can vary, so when you search for the owner or a keeper, keep that in mind.

Can you check registered keeper of a car?

Car owner check lets you know the previous car keeper count, more the previous keepers there are to a vehicle, the less significant the vehicle will appear to the customers. Verify if the number expressed in the vehicle's logbook is precise, and a previous car keeper check gives this confirmation to you, the customer.

Car Previous Owners History

It is imperative to check a vehicle's previous keeper count using a car owner check to know if it has been maintained properly. If a vehicle's logbook matches the service records, there is nothing to worry about. When you feel like selling, this keeper count could push away buyers, no one wants a heavily used car.

A car owner check will give date of last transfer, previous car keeper check details and such. It is advised to not buy a vehicle with 4 or more keepers, this could be an exception if it is a classic car you want to restore.

Calculating previous keepers of a used car

If you notice 3 previous keepers in the report, there are 3 former keepers along with the current keeper. We recommend a used car with less than 2 keepers, not a hard and fast rule but more a guideline, being aware of the previous car keeper count keeps you safe.

Check registered keeper details and what it reveals

It is essential information that you get a car owner check before buying a used vehicle. Latest vehicle details say that an estimated 2.3 Million clocked cars are on the UK roads which would cost around £800 Million a year for motorists

  • Number of Previous Keepers

  • Previous keeper registration dates

  • Previous keeper sold dates

  • Current keeper Registration date

Get a free car check on a used car to verify its worthiness, then take a full car check to affirm your decision.

Why everyone should invest in a previous registered keeper check?

Request DVLA through V888 form to know details of the previous registered keeper. CarDotCheck makes your searches quicker using only the reg number. It is simple to check, if a car has gone through maintenance work by checking through the service records and verifying with the MOT. Buy a Car Owner Check via CarDotCheck to know more about the valuable details of the vehicle you are going to buy.

Is it possible to Find Car Owner By Registration Number?

It is rather difficult to find car owner by registration number, since UK laws prohibit from disclosing any personal identification details of the car owner. Figure out previous registered keeper count for the used car. Get a car owner check to know more about your used car.