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Driving without Insurance

It is a legal requirement to have third party insurance to drive in the UK, the lowest possible car insurance quote covering damage expenses for third party in accident where you are at fault. Find a new policy instead of renewing.

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Insurance for imported car

Insurance covers for imported cars are higher than standard ones, imported cars do not comply with UK standards of safety and emission regulations. They get stolen due to high demand and are sought after by car robbers.

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Insurance Duration

Car insurance policies usually last 1 year, it is advised to take longer duration insurance than a shorter one, insurance covers range from 1 day to three months. Paying annually is recommended over shorter durations.

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Coverage level of insurance

There are three classifications that you need to go through in the UK:

Third party:

As per UK law, this is the most minimal level of car insurance required and has been introduced to ensure the safety of other drivers when you are on-road. It covers damage expenses to a third party’s vehicle in case of an accident where fault is on your side; this will not cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Third party, fire, and theft (TPFT):

This is similar to third party insurance coverage and the only difference is that it will also cover your damage expenses in case of a fire or theft.

Comprehensive cover:

An all in one insurance coverage that can be obtained, this covers TPFT and the additional cost it would take to repair/replace the vehicle of the driver at fault.

A comprehensive insurance cover can be quite handy since it could cover your expenses if you ever got into an accident against an uninsured vehicle; low insurance policies don't cover this situation.

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Factors affecting Car Insurance Quotes

Car Insurance Excess

There is a possibility that you might have to shell out more, if a third party claim eats away on your insurance. In order to enhance your insurance coverage, get a voluntary excess, which can be claimed for third party (if the fault was not yours, you could get all of the insurance) but only under certain conditions.

Vehicle You Drive

Your insurance agency will consider various components identifying with your vehicle when computing your quote, including:

  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Engine size and power
  • Vehicle’s make and model
  • If it is an Import vehicle
  • If it is Custom modified or factory model
  • Security features (proximity alert or engine immobilizer)

Concerning your vehicle’s insurance grouping, it’s good to be mindful of the fact that vehicles are sorted in the range 1 to 50, insurance is affordable for lower rank vehicles. Lot of determinants are required to calculate the car insurance quote such as including the vehicle’s market value, the money it takes to attain spare parts and for fixes.

For Young Drivers

If you aced your driving test but need a car insurance, it won't be that easy, car insurance for young drivers is expensive compared to other age groups. People aged 18 to 24 have tendencies to be rash while driving and have a high chance for an insurance claim. Using Telematics can improve your chances of getting a low insurance quote. Let us help you get the best car insurance quote online that is affordable as well.

Ages near 20 and above 60 are the drivers having higher insurance risks and are charged more than other age groups. Drivers well above their 70s or 80s have a high probability for exorbitant prices on their insurance. For a well experienced driver, there is the benefit of getting a discount on a car insurance quote if they have never claimed any of their car insurance, referred as a "No Claims Discount (NCD)".

Your Work Life

Car insurance quotes are highly affected by your profession, if you use your vehicle for work, it means more miles are driven, more time of use and higher probability of being associated with an accident.

Your profession can be a factor to an increase in your insurance quote, let's say if you are a Race Car driver, or a stunt driver; or maybe something along the lines of medical attendant, fireman, who has to reach within a set period of time under emergency circumstances. Insurers think about this sort of driving into consideration.

Car Insurance Quotes Customized for you

Choose from 100+ insurance providers and save a drastic amount by changing the insurance every year, find a car insurance that offers you the best benefits through diligent research and get a good car insurance quote.

Telematics Car Insurance (Black Box Insurance)

It can save a lot of money for you, it is also known as Black Box Car Insurance. In this, your driving data is used to determine your driving capabilities and how safe you drive, drivers under the age of 20 were usually considered high risk without consideration and given higher quotes, but black box gives hope in that aspect.

Once registered, a “Black Box” is installed, this estimates different aspects of your driving and sends the data to the insurer, your car insurance quote value is adjusted accordingly. Your driving is monitored in real-time, leaving no room for doubt about your driving. If demonstrated as a safe driver, your insurance quote will drop down, and it will shoot up if car is driven erratically. Get car insurance quotes online within a couple of minutes.

Compare car insurance quotes before you commit

When it comes to renewing your car insurance quotes, comparing quotes is the best way to get a good price. Compare car insurance quotes and save money with CarDotCheck and it’s always worth checking the policy results and policy documents to see how insurers handle driving in Europe, and the level of cover each policy would include. Obtain car insurance quotes tailored for you.

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