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How to check car history for free?

A car history check is a used car check report that can give you a bundle of information that you could keep in your arsenal while hunting for the best used car this winter. Winter is coming!

Get the best car history checker by your side and find out reports concerning your used car. You can find out various details such as MOT records, important details like tax, etc. in the free reports while crucial details await you in the paid reports such as the outstanding finance on car, written off status, number plate change history, colour change details and much more. This data will allow you to discern whether the used car will suit you or not.

Used car history report: Why get one?

Procuring a free car history check is rather easy, type in the reg number on the search bar and you get a free check report giving you all the details you need to know about the used car in an overview. If you want a detailed report, then head for a full car check and unveil important checks like outstanding finance, written off status etc.

Check car history before buying: 5 things to consider

Buying a used car can be quite a lot of trouble to go through since there are so many factors that need to be kept in mind and sometimes we may forget one or two things, it is best to have a checklist with you if you are doing the research on your own, or better to take a full car check report firsthand.

  • It is recommended that you perform a car check before you buy a used car– it can inform you if the car has had any outstanding finance that you should know about, ensuring that you can buy a car with no extra baggage in terms of finance.
  • If for example your car is on outstanding finance, inform the seller to pay the remaining outstanding finance or get some compensation on the asking price.

  • Although it is always advised to get a car purchase receipt along with the used car, if the outstanding finance is not paid in time, it could lead to your car being seized by the finance agency that is currently the owner of the car.

  • Usually if in a situation where you find out that the car you bought was on outstanding finance, then you must take legal action to state to the finance agency that you are the legal owner of it and had no idea about the outstanding finance. This could help prove your ownership.

  • Always perform a free car check to find out if the used car you want to buy is clear of any outstanding finance. Getting a professional car check website to gather the right information about your car is now affordable and easy to avail.

Free car history checker at CarDotCheck

Avail the best car history check that is affordable and highly detailed, having all of your used car information in one go could help you while you are negotiating for the asking price, or while you are selling your car to a dealer. Either way, you get to know the market valuation, outstanding finance, written off details and so much more.

We provide best car checks that are affordable and easy to understand, with availability of reports onscreen and via email, get your used car reports within seconds to help you make a better decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check car history report for free when you are searching for a used car, then buy a full report to know everything you can about the vehicle and make a good conclusion about it.
Get a car history check to know the used car's past and find out if it has any flaws that have been unattended, secondly, check the MOT records to find out the working condition of the car, and finally the valuation prices to know if the car is being sold at a reasonable price or not.
There is a downward trend going on for used cars in UK, ever since the pandemic there is a loss of jobs and there is a market readjustment to the after-effects, used cars are being sold at a lower price than usual and for this reason buying a used car will be more affordable.
CarDotCheck provides the cheapest car history check in the UK for a lot of detailed reports and data that can help you towards your journey of buying a used car.
A car history check highlights the MOT records and other crucial data such as tax dues, outstanding finance, write off status, and other things if bought in full.

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