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Why get a bike history check?

It is good to get a bike check since used bikes go through a lot of things and you can get a bike history check to look further into your bike’s past. Get a free bike check to know about the specs and MOT history before you commit to buy. Bikes are easier to steal, and safety measures can be broken with the right tools.

You can also request vehicle information from DVLA if you like, for things such as MOT records and other specs.

Check Outstanding Finance on your bike

Check for your bike’s outstanding finance, since it may have not been paid off, and if it isn’t paid off then you won’t have legal ownership, the finance agency can reclaim the bike and it would result in a loss. The seller shouldn’t sell the bike without informing you about the unpaid finance term on the bike.

How to check motorbike VIN before you buy?

Check for a bike’s authenticity using the VIN, if it matches the V5C records and the numbers found on the bike, then it is a good thing. A VIN number is a 17 digit number unique to each vehicle, It reveals data regarding your bike’s model, year of manufacture, and place.

It is useful to check a motorbike's VIN before buying, ensure that your bike is authentic while saving loads of money.

Check if your bike is clocked

Clocking on bikes is easier since most of them are analog, and even it has a digital console then there is software available for changing those as well, which is why it is essential to check for bike clocking to avoid making a purchase that leads you to unprecedented maintenance or repairs.

Verify with the best motorcycle value checker

Get a valuation price for your bike and check the market rates to ensure the correct price range, valuation rates can help you pick the right used bike.

Bikes are customised a lot and this can cause some price variations in the valuation, start with the manufacturer price and then add the extras, keeping in mind the depreciation cost according to the wear and tear on the parts.

Make sure that it is not damaged

Bikes are more prone to accidents and must be checked for insurance write offs, having a bike check could be your saviour while looking for a used bike, get to know if your bike is damaged or not, and if repairs have been made. MOT records can reveal all structural and non-structural issues concerning the bike.

A damaged bike is bad, and a half-repaired bike is dangerous, because ill repairs could cause unexpected accidents. Bikes are manufactured in such a way that they safely stop after severe structural damage. Obtaining a bike check can help you with the right find.

Bike with Outstanding Finance

This is possibly one of the most important things to consider since bikes are often bought on finance and sold so quickly, check your bike’s outstanding finance before you commit to buy, make a smart move and avoid financial issues.

If your seller hasn’t informed you about the pending finance, then you can press charges against him/her, under the consumer protection act, but this can lead to a lot of legal actions which require money, which is exactly why, it is better to take a bike check.

Tax and Insurance

It is important to tax your bike before you can drive on the road, since driving any vehicle without tax is an offense and you could be penalized for it. Tax is not transferable and you must ensure that you have paid tax for your vehicle.

It is also mandatory to get an insurance policy for your bike, it is required under UK law to at least have a third party insurance before you can drive on the road. Check for your bike’s tax dues and other relevant information using the Bike Check.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If a motorbike is written off it would have been done by an insurance evaluator, there are different types of coverage for levels of damage, but if your bike is totaled, then it may not be able to cover it. Once the motorbike has been fixed, it can be insured, but the insurance rate would be pretty high considering that its been written off.
Checking a motorbike is essential before buying especially a used one, get a motorbike history check to know more about the used bike and get to know everything there is to know regarding the bike, such as specifications, MOT records, tax due dates, outstanding finance, written off status and much more.
It is possible to find the chassis number by the registration number easily using the motorbike history check, but to find the registration number through the chassis, you might have to look up vehicle records from the DVLA.
Check the bike chassis number online through the motorbike history check which can find you a whole bunch of details, since it is important to know if the bike is genuine or not. A chassis number can reveal if the bike is what it is.
Enter the registration number of the motorbike that you want tot check and take the motorbike history check to know if it has been written off or not. Knowing if the motorbike is written off or not helps in buying smarter.
Changing the number plate of a bike requires that it must be registered with the DVLA first and you would have to choose from an array of custom number plates that you like, there are certain rules that restrict you from changing, you can’t modify age and can’t assign a Q vehicle.

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