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Why get a motorbike history check?

It is always good to get a bike check since used bikes might have gone through a lot of things and you can get a bike history check while you are at it to look further into your bike’s past. Get a free bike check to know about the specs and MOT history before you commit to buy. Bikes are also easier to steal, due to their kerb weight (which is obviously lesser than cars) and other safety measures.

You can also request vehicle information from DVLA if you like, for things such as MOT records and other specs.

Check Outstanding Finance on your bike

Check for your bike’s outstanding finance, since it may have not been paid off, If the finance isn’t paid off then you won’t have legal ownership, the finance agency will be able to reclaim the bike and it would result in a loss that you do not want to be a part of. The seller shouldn’t sell the bike in the first place without informing you about the unpaid finance term on the bike.

How to check motorbike VIN before you buy?

It is easy to check for a bike’s authenticity using the VIN number on the bike, if it matches the V5C records and the numbers found on the bike, then it is a good thing. A VIN number is a 17 digit number unique to each vehicle, It reveals data regarding your bike’s model, year of manufacture, and place.

Check motorbike VIN before buying a used bike, since it can be quite useful, and might even save you a lot of money while assuring that your bike is authentic.

Check if your bike is clocked

Clocking on bikes is easier since most of them are analog, and even it has a digital console then there is software available for changing those as well, which is why it is essential to check for bike clocking to avoid making a purchase that leads you to unprecedented maintenance or repairs.

Verify with the best motorcycle value checker

Get a valuation price for your bike and check with the market rates to ensure that the price range is correct or not, valuation rates can help you pick the right used bike. Mostly bikes are customised a lot and this can cause some price variations in the valuation, which is why you need to start with the factory model price and then add the extras, keeping in mind the depreciation cost according to the wear and tear on the parts.

Make sure that it is not damaged

Bikes are more prone to accidents and must be checked for insurance write offs, having a bike check could be your saviour while looking for a used bike, get to know if your bike is damaged or not, and if the repairs have been made, since MOT records can reveal all the issues structural and non-structural concerning the bike. Obtaining a bike check can help you with the right find.

Nobody wants a damaged bike, and even more so dangerous than a damaged bike is a half-repaired bike, because a damaged one will just stop running, but ill repairs cause more accidents than usual.

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Bike History Check Essentials

What things should one consider before buying a bike?

Usually, if you are going for a used bike, then finding one with a good history, no recalls, complete repairs, and no accidents would be hard. Even if you find one like that, it would be rather expensive, if the seller is claiming a low price than the usual market valuation then it probably has some defect that you should be mindful of.

While buying the bike make sure that your payment method is traceable, such as a banker’s draft or a transaction to a verified account, since cash or using a western union could be hard to trace and are one of the most used payment methods for scamming.

Bikes are more susceptible to being stolen and it is better to invest in a garage then leave your bike out in the open, because that makes it easier for a possible case of robbery.

Make the seller sign a receipt beforehand for a proof of purchase. Get a bike check to ensure that you are going for a purchase that is worthy enough for you. Get a vehicle check to ensure that you are looking at the bike you want to buy, get to know more details about the used bike.

Bike with Outstanding Finance

This is possibly one of the most important things to consider since bikes are often bought on finance and sold so quickly, check your bike’s outstanding finance before you commit to buy, make a smart move and avoid financial issues.

If your seller hasn’t informed you about the pending finance, then you can press charges against him/her, under the consumer protection act, but this can lead to a lot of legal actions which require money, which is exactly why, it is better to take a bike check.

Tax and Insurance

It is important to tax your bike before you can drive on the road, since driving any vehicle without tax is an offense and you could be penalized for it. Tax is not transferable and you must ensure that you have paid tax for your vehicle.

It is also mandatory to get an insurance policy for your bike, it is required under UK law to at least have a third party insurance before you can drive on the road. Check for your bike’s tax dues and other relevant information using the Bike Check.

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